Illuvium Furthers Partnership with Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 

Illuvium marketing is ramping up and Kieran had an exciting announcement for us in Discord today. The partnership with the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs Rugby team is being taken to the next level. This partnership stems from Kieran’s interest in the club as a supporter. Illuvium was able to strike a partnership with the team a few months ago. 

This latest idea was brought together fairly quickly and with no additional expense from Illuvium. It’s a partnership that by all measures seems to be flourishing with the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs. Here are the details as stated by Kieran himself in discord: 

Illuvium x Bulldogs Official Jerseys Just dropped!

Designed exclusively by Illuvium to be worn by the Bulldogs in their Round 25 clash, featuring ILV obelisks and armour.

 We are an official sponsor of the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, and to kick start the partnership, we have teamed up to bring you official team jerseys. Our partnership with the Bulldogs is the first elite sporting partnership for Illuvium and one of the first in sport for a Triple-A Gaming studio that enables players to own their in-game assets. Each Illuvium x Bulldogs Jersey comes with a Cosplay NFT and a BONUS Classic membership to the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs. 

19 Illuvium x Bulldogs 2022 jerseys sold will be signed by Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs’ very own players.

Bundle Includes:  

Illuvium x Bulldogs 2022 Jersey

Illuvium x Bulldogs Cosplay NFT

Bulldogs Classic Membership

This is a limited edition drop, so Get Yours Today!: 


Illuvium Team

This is a very creative and very cool way to market both Illuvium and the Bulldogs. I think it’s great to bring Illuvium to a traditional arena in this way. We may not see much adoption from this initial push, but at the very least people will start to notice Illuvium on a bigger scale. 

Ultimately, this partnership is just a small step in a massive marketing plan for this project. On its own it won’t move the needle much, but what it does do is open the doors for bigger opportunities in the future. The Illuvium team will have this partnership to point to when thinking about their next plan of attack. The first brick has been laid for Illuvium marketing and the foundation upon which other endeavors can be built starts right here right now. Now there’s only one thing left to do, win! Go Bulldogs!!

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