Illuvium Delivers $72 million in Wildly Successful Land Sale

Illuvium’s successful land sale
All eyes were on Illuvium over the weekend as their Land Sale commenced. What transpired in the 72 hour sale can only be described as a major success. It wasn’t just a success for Illuvium, however, it was a success for the NFT space as a whole. A new standard has been set. We’re talking about a sale where every single plot available sold in an orderly fashion. No gas wars. Some fomo, but ultimately as clean a sale as we’ve ever seen in this space. This is what communities should demand from creators. The Illuvium team checked all the boxes. They measured twice so they could cut once. By doing so, they gained the trust of thousands.
The Crimson Waste region of Illuvium Zero.
We are seeing this space mature right before our eyes. Illuvium was the first to pull this off so efficiently, but they won’t be the last. Surely other builders were taking notes. As an investor, moving forward I plan to only support projects with this type of model and execution. Even before the sale we knew the quality we were about to get. The teams transparency over the last year and a half had already proven that. Transparency is key. It shows that you’re actually building something meaningful and not just building hype. Grant, Rogier and the rest of the amazing graphic artists working on this project love to share progress because they have the talent. It’s an exciting time. If you have a dream team of talent of course you want the world to see it. Michael Jordan wanted as many people to see him play as possible. When you’re the best you welcome the eyeballs.
Are cryptic teams a positive?
Being cryptic has been seen as a strategy in Web 3. After this weekend, I see it as a team unable to deliver and a huge red flag. Everyone is able to vote with their wallet and now with Illuvium we have a world class option on the ballot.
The Halcyon Sea region of Illuvium Zero.
Just think about what this team is doing. We have a Beta autobattler getting better each day. A wildly successful Illuvium Land Sale. Illuvitars just around the corner. Illuvium Zero playable in just a few short weeks. Lastly, the cherry on top, the Open World. This is reality now in Web 3. The vanity NFT era is coming to a close. The hype and pure speculation plays are coming to an end. The real builders had their head down building in 2021 so they could run through a brick wall in 2022. We’re still so early, but Illuvium is firing on all cylinders and leaving everyone else in the dust. Congrats to the Illuvium team for raising the bar and paving the way for a more structured Web 3 moving forward. More importantly, congrats to the ILV holders for believing in this team, you’re about to be handsomely rewarded.
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