Illuvium Coin: Let’s Talk About ILV

The current state of ILV

There’s nothing to sugar coat here. The Illuvium coin is down close to 90% from its all time high. The monthly chart is a straight shot up followed by a free fall.

Candlestick chart for Illuvium token ILV.

It’s the kind of ride that would make anyone sick to their stomach. My personal cost basis is close to 4 figures. And yet, I’m not worried in the slightest. This is what being early is all about. People think it’s easy to be early. It is not. Everything seems so obvious in hindsight. Everyone looks back at successful investments and wishes they had gotten in. Even if they had, would they have held all the way through? Conviction is hard. Thinking big picture is hard. That’s why Bitcoin has so few hodlers from the early days. Everyone had the chance to get in, but most were either not tech savvy, lost conviction or took profits. History doesn’t always repeat itself, but it often rhymes. The real ones have seen this story before.

A different breed

Illuvium is a different breed. The project is on another level. ILV is just days away from a revenue distribution that no one can rival. For those who have played the Beta you already know. For those who have seen Grant’s leaks, you have an idea of the quality. Let’s be early. Let’s step up to the plate and take a swing with all the conviction we have and trust this team to deliver. They deserve that much.

Arlen overlooking a stormy Abyssal Basin in Illuvium.

ILV is currently a ship without a sail. It flows freely on the open ocean of the crypto sea in whatever direction the market takes us. This is obvious, there is no anchor to tie it down, yet. That anchor is coming. Revenue distribution will change the equation. Illuvium has built it and the gamers will come. We are at the forefront of a new technology and like any explorer setting out for a new land, it is hard. Your patience has and will be tested. Your conviction may waiver. Stay true to what brought you here. Why did you invest in the first place? Has anything changed other than price?

Let’s see what the team can do

We are just days away from a seminal moment. The team has shown what they’re capable of. Take a minute to think about what lies ahead. The Land Sale will be followed by another revenue generating event in Illuvitars. Soon after, the Open World will begin and a steady revenue stream will be generated each day. What happens when they sell merch? What happens when they create other games? Anime series? Movies? The potential here is massive. The IP is original, unique and 99.9% of people have yet to hear about it. If you’re reading this now you’re extremely early. Remember the big picture. Remember why you invested in the first place and let’s grow this innovative brand together in true Web 3 fashion.

Arlen in a hero's pose with a sword. Illuvials are by her side.

Thank You

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