Illuvium Coin: Bullish Catalysts for the ILV Token

The bear is roaring. The Illuvium coin is down over 90% from its all time high around $1850. Today we stand at $118. This is life in crypto. We are all investing in a highly speculative asset class that has major swings regularly. It comes with the territory. The good news? In this space, things can and have changed rapidly. The bull can be just as aggressive as the bear. Let’s look at some potential bullish catalysts for the ILV token


Illuvitars from the blockchain game Illuvium.

Next up from a Revenue Distribution standpoint is Illuvitars. We already had the $72m Land Sale and now our focus will shift to the Illuvitars sale. This is another opportunity for RevDis and therefore another opportunity to grow your ILV stack. Moreover, if people choose to purchase Illuvitars with sILV2 that will only decrease the overall supply of ILV. Either way it’s a win. Anytime Illuvium is introducing a new product, I believe it is bullish for ILV. 

Illuvium: Zero

The Halcyon Sea region of the city builder game Illuvium Zero.

The city builder will be here before we know it. The Land has been sold and all that’s left is to play. Thousands of gamers playing Illuvium Zero means more RevDis for people who own the Illuvium Coin. As that part of the ILV machine gets humming, we will start to see the ILV token grow stronger. Right now everything is quiet, but this is the calm before the storm. 

Secondary Market Fees

Everyday Illuvium is generating fees from secondary sales of Land on Immutable X. This will only increase as the game is built out. The beauty of it? 100% of these fees go back to ILV holders. It is yet another way the RevDis model works. The Illuvium coin will go as the game goes. We are on the cusp of these mechanisms impacting ILV in a meaningful way. The question was even brought up in discord yesterday and Rich from Illuvium aka DickKings is on it: 

A discord message from Illuvium team member Rich.

I expect this to be sorted quickly. 

The Forge

The forge was initially voted down by the current epoch and rightfully so. The community needed time to digest this new system that was being introduced. Certain aspects of the forge will be tweaked and I believe the final product will be better than what they initially tried to implement. The forge will give folks with unlocking tokens a chance to sell in large quantities without putting sell pressure on the actual ILV token. This will help from a supply and demand perspective as more and more tokens unlock each day. Overall, adding the forge should be bullish for the Illuvium coin. 

The Overworld

A screenshot of the Overworld and Arlen in Illuvium.

By now everyone has seen the Overworld video. We know what is coming. This will be the main driver of RevDis and really become the backbone of ILV. Once this system is fully operational look out above. Right now ILV sits at $118 with basically no mechanics working. We are still wildly early. How will it look 1 year from now when we have all of these different RevDis opportunities up and running? How about in three years when things are operating quite seamlessly and the play and earn space has continued to grow and evolve? 

The future is bright my friends. There will never be an easier time to accumulate ILV than now. Much is still to be proven and as such the token price is low. I know what this team is capable of. I’ve seen it every day for the last 2 years. We are about to enter the next phase of Illuvium and people will stop asking Wen and start asking How. At that point it will be too late. 

Thank You

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Everything I write is purely my opinion and should not be taken as financial advice.

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