Illuvium Capital Raise is Coming 

There’s been a lot of talk recently about a capital raise for Illuvium. Everyone has an opinion and rightfully so. There is a lot at stake and ultimately we all want to see Illuvium succeed. I think there are two main points to consider when taking a look at the upcoming raise of cash. 

The Team

The heart and soul of Illuvium is the team. Without the high quality team they have built Illuvium would be nothing. Some would argue this team is priceless, but the reality is money makes the world go round. Top priority above all else is retaining the people working day in and day out to make Illuvium a success. They have done well so far in a down market to avoid capital raises and continue to push forward. Kieran even tends to lean towards taking the risk and not doing a capital raise, but ultimately the question needs to be answered. A longer runway needs to be established and there’s only one way to get us there. There may be short term pain, but if the team has peace of mind then the community as a whole should as well. 

The Game

The other aspect to consider is the game itself. For many projects, a capital raise is a death blow to the community. Bringing in backers to dilute the ecosystem can be extremely damaging. Moreover, in the decentralized ethos of Web 3 it can be a fatal move. Illuvium avoided this temptation early on and thrived off a by the community, for the community mindset. That mindset lives on today and the community is strong. The main factor is the game itself. Very few are doubting the legitimacy of this game. We see the progress. We see the graphics. Illuvium is the real deal and there isn’t a close second. In Web 3, Illuvium is our best chance at challenging traditional gaming. If you believe in a gaming future where assets are bought and sold then Illuvium is our ticket to a major shift in gaming. 

Illuvium’s Future

Securing Illuvium’s future with a capital raise is necessary. It’s one thing to purchase Illuvium NFTs and the ILV token. There’s a certain level of risk there. It’s entirely another circumstance when you drop everything to work at Illuvium. The team is literally putting their livelihood on the line for an unproven concept that has now entered a bear market. Inflation is continuing to be a sticking point in the global economy. This safety net is necessary whether people like it or not. This is reality and hundreds have taken this leap of faith to work at Illuvium. We need to make sure they go to bed knowing where their next paycheck is coming from.

One day the Illuvium engine will start humming and we will see the full potential of what is being built here. These things take time, money and talent. Luckily we have the third. Let’s not lose it. 

Thank You

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Everything I write is purely my opinion and should not be taken as financial advice.

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