Illuvium Beyond Guide: A Look at Illuvitars

This Illuvium Beyond guide covers the collectible card game that is coming to Illuvium on March 7th. With billions on customizable combinations, each Illuvitar will be truly unique. A vast range of hand drawn Illuvials, accessories, backgrounds and finishes make Illuvium: Beyond the ultimate NFT collection game. 


  • Illuvial Line – this collection contains all of the Illuvitars in a particular line.
  • Accessory Line – this collection contains all the Accessories in a line, but first, you must bond them to an Illuvitar.
  • Background Line – this collection contains all the Backgrounds in a line, so you must hold an Illuvitar with those backgrounds.
  • Affinity – this collection groups Illuvitars based on their elemental affinities, such as Water, Nature, and Fire.
  • Class – this collection groups Illuvitars based on their roles in the game, such as Fighter, Bulwark, and Rogue.
  • Set – this collection groups Illuvitars based on the Set they came from.


1. Standard D1sk (.005 eth) – The Standard D1sk contains one Illuvitar, three accessories, and one Tier 0 Illuvitar.

2. Mega D1sk (.025 eth) – In contrast, the Mega D1sk swaps out the T0 Illuvitar for a guaranteed rare Illuvitar. The Mega D1sk is more expensive but offers better chances of getting great things.

*Alpha D1sks will also be sold in both Standard and Mega D1sk format. These can be viewed similarly to first edition Pokémon cards. Standard Alpha D1sks will cost .025 eth and Mega Alpha D1sks will cost .125 eth.

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