Illuvium Autobattler: Private Beta 2 Details

Illuvium hosted a Town Hall in discord yesterday with cofounder Kieran and lead game designer Ben answering questions. The topic of the Illuvium autobattler came up and Ben had some very interesting insight into what is coming next. PB2 is close and here is what we can expect in the next round of updates. 


Augment is a fancy word for items. Simple as that. Just like Team Fight Tactics uses items throughout their gameplay, Illuvium will do the same. Ben said roughly 45 items will be available in the PB2 launch and I’m excited to see how this effects the game play. Items always add another element, another layer of intracacy. 


No longer will you need to start at the beginning each time you lose on a wave. The team is introducing checkpoints to the Illuvium autobattler. Each time you play you will get a limited number of respawns on certain waves. This is something the community has asked for and it is no brainer in my opinion. This is exactly why we have a private beta with 10k plus players. The community has given their feedback and the team at Illuvium has listened. The system is working. 

Added Illuvials

A new nature Illuvial from the game Illuvium.

Ben also stated that we will see double the Illuvials we currently have. He didn’t state an exact number, but we have heard elsewhere that the total will bring us to 100. I’ve also seen leaks lately of new illuvials like Doka making an Illuvium autobattler appearance. Exciting times indeed. 

Multiple versions of the Illuvial Doka from the game Illuvium.

Crash Fixes

Ben also explained that in PB1 the team made server connectivity too strict. Basically if your computer has a minor hiccup, the whole game would crash. The requirements have become less strict and this will no longer happen. Crashes should go down drastically. 

Upgrade of all in game text

Anyone who has played PB1 knows that the descriptions could use some work. As a writer, I have a critical eye for this myself and have noticed some issues with both spelling and wording. I assumed this would be corrected in future updates and I was right. We should see much clearer in game text in private beta 2. 


The Illuvial Fliish with his tongue out from the game Illuvium.

There was not a ton of detail on this, but it appears we will be able to combine our human player with an Illuvial in PB2. This will combine their synergies and make one ultra powerful ally on the board. I think this is a really cool idea and adds another element to the game. This will be fun to try out. 

New filters

There will be new filters to navigate the deck easier. I thought this was already in pretty good shape with the current filter for nature and affinity that they offer. However, if the team has a way to make this even more efficient then I am all for it. Time is everything in Survival Mode and with just 1 minute in between each round efficiency is key. 

Mastery Points

We’ve seen mastery points already, but their use is extremely simplistic. In PB2 they will be introducing an added wrinkle to mastery points. If a player chooses to use less mastery points during a round they will be rewarded with bonus points in the next round. This creates an entirely new strategy for penny pinchers and will make the game seemingly that much more fun. 

Catching TFT

Towards the end Kieran asked Ben point blank how close we are to Team Fight Tactics. Ben’s response, as someone who has worked for Riot previously and is a major player in game development, was very promising. He said that PB2 is “as good” as TFT already! This is a game with millions of users. If Illuvium is of the same standard then we should expect major adoption. Not to mention, the autobattler is just a small piece of what is being built. Kieran also tweeted about the interaction after the Town Hall: 

Very cool and very bullish for Illuvium. 

Wrapping things up

There was a ton of insight in the Illuvium Town Hall and I can’t wait for the next one. The community asked some great questions and the Private Beta 2 updates were just a small part of it. I encourage the community to come tune in next time if you are able. We had about 125 people listening in at the peak and I think we can do much better. Let’s continue to grow Illuvium together and push this project forward. The team is working harder than ever and community support is integral to the success of Illuvium as a whole. 

Thank You

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