Illuvium Announces Esports Partnership with Binance

The partnerships just keep on coming for Illuvium. This time we have a new Esports Tournament partnership with Binance. The tournament finale will take place on September 11th and will feature the 21 best players from the week of competition that began on September 3rd.

Illuvials pose in the Illuvium arena battle royale.

The whole tournament seemed to be very hush hush and has created some confusion in the Illuvium community. I believe the marketing was kept to a minimum because the tournament will be happening on Private Beta 1. With Private Beta 2 coming very soon there simply isn’t much of a reason to promote a tournament played on PB1. In my opinion, they probably should have held off on this all together until PB2 is live. However, who knows what may have gone on behind the scenes.

Illuvials face off in the autobattler arena.

I do think this is a good opportunity to run a tournament and get a feel for how things will go. This is essentially a test run. Moreover, having the opportunity to team up with Binance is huge moving forward. Binance is a major player in the crypto space and any sort of collaboration with a company of this caliber is bullish.

Tournament Layout

I also really like the way they laid out the tournament and it gives us a look at what future tournaments may look like. Essentially players had a week to qualify for 21 spots. Battling it out all week with livestreams would be extremely fun to compete in and watch. Culminating with a final day of the 21 best players would only add to the hype and draw in the viewers. I think this type of tournament set up has staying power.

Fern gets ready to fight in the Illuvium arena.

There are so many cool aspects to Illuvium and the competitive side of the autobattler is just another one. I constantly have to remind myself that survival mode is a very small part of the autobattler and the player versus player aspect will be truly epic. Add in a massive cash prize hosted in a tier 5 arena and we are off and running. Once this truly gets going the sky is the limit. Until then you can check out this test run of a tournament here.

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