Illuvium and Interoperable Blockchain Gaming

Interoperability is a word that is thrown around a lot with blockchain gaming. There is this grand vision that everything in the Metaverse will work nicely together like something out of Ready Player One. The reality is this level of interoperable blockchain gaming is nearly impossible.

If two blockchain gaming companies create assets on their own and decide one day to add interoperability what would that look like? Well it would require hours and hours of tweaking assets to the specificity of the others game and constant testing to ensure things run smoothly. Fine, this can be time consuming and hard to navigate, but it is doable. Zoom that process out to even 100 different games and you start to get the picture. Interoperability is difficult, mass interoperability is nearly impossible.

But what if one studio made interoperability within their own universe a main focus right from the beginning? What if each game intertwined with the last and the gaming studio had full control from start to finish? Well now we are getting somewhere.

The Crimson Waste region of Illuvium.

Enter Illuvium

Illuvium has had interoperability in mind since Day 1. One of the main perks of building on the blockchain is owning your assets and using them as you please in any Illuvium game. A Rhamphy caught in the Overworld should absolutely be available for use in a Mario Kart style game. Capture a Rhamphy with top notch speed? Even better. Illuvium isn’t a game, it is a gaming studio. The Illuvium universe will be built out more similarly to the Super Mario Brothers franchise than to Pokémon. Illuvium’s Overworld will have the play and capture style of Pokémon, but that is where it ends. Illuvium is so much bigger than that and games like Mario Party, Mario Kart, Mario Tennis etc fall much more in line with the long term vision of the project. What we see now is only the beginning.

The Crimson Waste region of Illuvium.

Proof of Concept

We are already beginning to see the interoperability at play. The assets farmed in Illuvium Zero will be used in the Overworld. During Overworld play your encounters with Illuvials will be in the form of the autobattler. Those three games are already providing a loop of interoperable blockchain gaming. The Blueprint that is found in Illuvium Zero will create a skin you can use in the Overworld. As the team proves out this concept and solidifies the future of gaming we will open new doors with new possibilities, this is just the beginning.

Arlen climbs the steps to the obelisk in the Sanctum Mesa region of Illuvium.

What will come next?

So what will come next? Well that is the beauty of Illuvium. It is entirely on the community to decide. The decentralized nature of the project gives all of us a voice. Collectively, we hold the keys to the kingdom. Once the initial three games are completed we can seemingly take Illuvium in any direction we choose. I personally would like to fight using Rhamphyre in a Super Smash Bros type game. We don’t know what the future holds, but one guarantee is that the assets we catch in the Overworld in the not too distant future will be there for us when that time comes.

Thank You

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