Illuvitars Launch Set for March 7th

Illuvitars are coming! The long awaited Illuvitar launch will be happening on March 7th. The team has also found a name for the NFT collection, Illuvium: Beyond. The announcement came from Illuvium’s Twitter account earlier today. 

This is a huge moment for the project as the Illuvitar sale is seen as a way to quiet the critics who have been questioning the remaining runway for the gaming studio. The proceeds from this sale will be used as additional runway if needed instead of its originally intended purpose as Revenue Distribution. This was decided upon by the Illuvinati Council and should pave the way forward for Illuvium. 

A Flare Illuvitar.

Of course, the big question now becomes how successful the sale will be. We will soon find out. Another important piece of the puzzle is how long will this sale last? In the beginning we were hearing one week, but that was never concrete. More recently, we’ve heard of the sale lasting as long as 6 months. This detail should become clear soon. Today we celebrate the fact that we have an actual date!

An Archie Illuvitar.

The team has worked extremely hard to get to this point and that shined through in Art Lead Rogier’s most recent Tweet about the launch: 

Opportunity Awaits

The opportunity for Illuvium to tie brands into its IP is strongest through Illuvitars. This is a massive initiative for the team and I am hopeful that additional project revenue will be brought in through brand partnerships with Illuvitars. Collaboration is a key growth driver and I have no doubt that the Illuvium team will go above and beyond when exploring this avenue. 

The sale will happen on the Layer 2 solution Immutable X with additional support from Binance and Chainlink. This is in line with how the successful Land Sale was run in 2022. 

A Phyri Illuvitar

The Illuvitars will be collected in an Album that will have many different challenges and objectives. Rewards will be given for accumulating certain combinations of Illuvitars. In addition, you will be able to customize your Illuvium avatars with all sorts of items also found in your Illuvitar D1sk. Additional information can be found on the Illuvium website. This includes a look at what Illuvials will be sold, D1sk pricing and more!

Equipping screen for Slashin in Illuvitars.
Equipping Slashin

Congratulations to the Illuvium team on another massive step forward. This team continues to deliver on a level that has yet to be seen in Web 3. Illuvium is taking aim at disrupting the Pokémon empire. Be on the lookout for an Illuvitar card game in the future as well. The possibilities are endless! 

Thank You

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