Illuvitars: Illuvium Proposes Changes to Illuvitar Sale

Folks we have a plan. The long awaited changes to the Illuvitar sale have been announced and honestly they could not be better! The community gave their feedback on Illuvitars and the powers that be heard us loud and clear. This new sale outline has MAJOR 1st Edition Pokémon vibes and I couldn’t be more excited. 

Selling on Layer 2

Immutable X logo.

The team has made the decision to sell fully on Immutable X’s Layer 2 and as such has given the sale much more flexibility as there are no gas fees to worry about. This is a huge change and allowed the team to get really creative with the rest of the sale process for Illuvitars. 

Price Change

The prices have also been changed considerably. The initial pricing was seen as too high with the top tier being 2.5 eth for the best chance to get 1 top tier Illuvitar. This has been reworked entirely. We now have 2 price points that are much more manageable and you essentially open a pack vs just buying one Illuvitar. Here is the break down: 

Basic Pack

Cost: .015 eth (or equivalent sILV2)

Contents: 1 Illuvitar (Any Tier), 3 Accessories, 1 Tier 0 Illuvitar 

More likely to get a common Illuvitar. 

Ultra Pack

Cost: .075 eth (or equivalent sILV2)

Contents: 1 Illuvitar (Any Tier), 3 Accessories, 1 Rare Illuvitar 

Guaranteed to get at least 1 Rare Illuvitar. 

This breakdown is exactly what the community was looking for. It takes out the gambling aspect of spending 2.5 eth to be left with a common Illuvitar. In this way, we know we are guaranteed a Rare if we buy the Ultra Pack. 

I think overall more eth will be spent through this model as the lower prices allow more people to participate. This is a win-win for ILV stakers who anticipate Revenue Distribution and the people who plan to purchase the Illuvitar packs. 

Another really cool aspect of this model is that we will all have the choice to open our packs or leave them sealed! There’s a bit of game theory here and I am here for it!


Illuvitars from the blockchain game Illuvium.

The collecting doesn’t stop at simply opening your packs, however. The team is also introducing Albums that will digitally showcase your collection! There will be a wide range of sets that can be completed. The team did a great job of explaining this here: 

“A collection game where collectors attempt to complete Collections, pages of Illuvitars all linked by a single attribute. There is a Collection for all the Water Illuvitars, a Collection for all the Rogue Illuvitars, and even one for all the Sunglasses. In all, there are over 500+ Collections. Each time you add an Illuvitar to a Collection, you gain points on the leaderboard. You earn additional points for completing a Collection. Players get prizes that differ in rarity depending on the difficulty of completion. The digital nature of these collections also allows us to let collectors use the SAME Illuvitar in multiple Collections, creating a mini-game where players look to bond the perfect attributes onto an Illuvitar so that collectors can use it on multiple pages. Maybe you need one more Water Illuvitar, plus one more Top Hat and Neon Rain background? Either buy a pack and cross your fingers or head to the IlluviDex, where someone might be willing to sell you a Top Hat and a Dash with Neon Rain background. Then you bond it and slam it into the album to complete 3 Collections with one Illuvitar.”

Illuvium Discord

This is an awesome way to collect and show off your collection! The team really hit it out of the park with this concept as it just adds so much more utility to the whole concept of Illuvitars. This is becoming much much more than a typical PFP. 

It can’t all be good can it?

If I had one criticism, which has been echoed by the community extensively already, I would change the naming convention of the sale. Currently the packs are called D1sk. This is too techy in my opinion and may confuse the general public. We want to appeal to the masses and we need general terms like Booster pack or Ultra pack to accomplish that. In this world of Web 3 jargon less is more. Other than that I really don’t have any complaints. I honestly love the concept from start to finish and can’t wait to start collecting Illuvitars!

One step closer

With this massive announcement we are one step closer to the Illuvitar sale. I anticipate this IIP will pass through the epoch easily and we will be off and running shortly after. The engine is about to fired up, the wheels are in motion and finally we will see Illuvium really come to life. I am so ready. 

Thank You

As always, thank you for reading my article! Follow me on Twitter (@Rhamphy) to keep up with the latest Illuvium news, leaks and more.

Everything I write is purely my opinion and should not be taken as financial advice.

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