Illuvitars: First Edition Ranked 1–25

Illuvitars are right around the corner and as such I thought it would be a perfect time to rank all 25 of the first ever set. If you missed out on Pokémon first edition cards in the 90’s, this is your chance for redemption. The best part? It all will live on the blockchain. At the conclusion of the sale we will know exactly what the scarcity is for each Illuvitar portrait and buying/selling these beautiful pieces of art will happen at the speed of the Internet. No shipping items out to people. No hassle. This is the future of collectibles and we are right on the door step. 

The bottom 5

This ranking will be going from worst to first and as such we will start with the bottom 5. Early in Illuvium’s build out it became obvious that there would be a ton of Lynx. Although I like the look, it’s not conducive to collecting and rarity. In this first set alone we have 5 different Lynx. That’s too many and because of that, we have our bottom 5. 20% of the first set is Lynx, everyone will have a Lynx pfp. 

Illuvitars ranked from 25 to 21.

The next 5: 20–16

The next 5 haven’t really stood out to me and that’s completely ok. Not everyone can be the center of attention. Each one has their own flaw. At 20 we have Kukka, which just looks like a crazy bird and not something I’d want as my pfp. Next up we have Axon. The least interesting of the Atlas line and probably losing points because all 3 are in this first sale. At 18 we have Geyser. His face is simply too large to fit well as a Illuvitar. For 17 I chose Goliant, who doesn’t really stand out as an Illuvitar. Lastly at 16 I chose Fire Grokko. 

Illuvitars ranked from 20 to 16.

15 through 11

Things start to get a little more difficult in the top 15. A case can be made for each of the remaining Illuvitars. At 15 we have Archie. A pretty cool looking Illuvitar, but probably not much demand for Archie in reality. Archie is the Bulbasaur of Illuvium and most prefer Charmander or Squirtle. Moving in at 14 we have Singe. I love using Singe in the autobattler, but as an Illuvitar he doesn’t quite pack enough punch. Next up at 13 we have Axodon. The third stage of Atlas fits well here right outside the top 10. At 12 I went with Vermillia. A decent Illuvitar, but ultimately I think Vermillia will get lost in shuffle like a Vulpix. Lastly, at 11 we have Loulura. It was really hard to keep Loulura outside the top ten as I think this Illuvitar is beautiful, but there are better options remaining. 

Illuvitars ranked from 15 to 11.

The Top Ten

Coming in at number ten we have Phyri. The stage 1 of fan favorite Scoriox. I think this Illuvitar will be pretty popular and makes sense at ten. For number 9 we have Teeantee. This Illuvial looks different than the rest with its eye positioning and that alone was enough to crack the top ten. At 8 we have Rypter! This one eye monster will be a fun one for accessories. I can’t wait to see what people come up with. Moving onto 7 we have Earth Doka. Doka is one of the main characters in the Illuvitar trailer and this fighter has a lot of attitude, which helped him with this ranking. Lastly, just outside the top 5 we have Water Fliish. This Illuvitar is super cute, but the remaining heavy hitters were just too much to overcome. 

Illuvitars ranked from 10 to 6.

The Final 5

Coming in at number 5 we have Dash. This dog is very cute and well deserving of a top 5 spot! I think dash will be a fan favorite for years to come. 

The Illuvitar Dash ranked a 5.

At number 4 it pains me to say this, but we have Slashin. I love this Illuvial, but the top 3 are just too good. The fierce eye, the polygon like glow off its skin, just incredible. I think this is a top tier Illuvitar, but falls just outside our top 3. 

The Illuvitar Slashin ranked a 4.

3rd Place

Now for the top 3. Finishing in 3rd place we have Squizz! This fan favorite is definitely going to be popular on the market, but I just don’t think it’ll be enough of a meme to take down our top 2. It’s a great Illuvitar for sure and I would be happy to get one, but the remaining two are grail pieces and integral to the lore of Illuvium. Squizz is a fun one, but doesn’t quite fit that mold. 

The Illuvitar Squizz ranked a 3.

2nd Place

Alright the final 2! At 2 we have arguably the cutest Illuvial and maybe the face of Illuvium…Atlas! This is literally the Pikachu of Illuvium. An amazing Illuvial that will command value forever. Atlas will be a staple in the Illuvitars world and people lucky enough to have Atlas as their pfp will not be disappointed. Atlas will be a status symbol in this game. 

The Illuvitar Atlas ranked a 2.

1st Place

And then there was 1. Could it possibly go any other way? No chance. Charizard moves the needle in Pokémon and Rhamphyre will do the same with Illuvium. There is no one else you could put at the top spot. The Illuvium team knows this and that is why Rhamphyre is in this first drop of Illuvitars. This will be the most coveted Illuvitar and people lucky enough to mint one will be in a great position come game launch. Rhamphyre is king. Well deserving of the number 1 spot. This legendary Illuvial will be the basis upon which all other Illuvials are measured and I hope I’m lucky enough to have him as my pfp. 

The Illuvitar Rhamphyre ranked a 1.

So there it is. All 25 Illuvitars ranked for the upcoming sale. We are so close to the next stages of Illuvium and Illuvitars are a big part of that. The team is hard at work to put out the best product possible. Exciting times ahead!

Thank You

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