Illuvitar Sale Proposal Leads to Healthy Debate 

With Illuvium: Beyond set to launch on March 7th the time has come for the Illuvinati Council to decide exactly how the sale will run. A proposal was submitted by the council for the Illuvitar sale yesterday and immediately set off a healthy debate about how the sale should transpire. 

Illuvitar Sale IIP: Original Version

The original proposal saw the introduction of Alpha D1sks. There had been some rumors swirling about the possibility of these alpha versions of Illuvitars joining the fray, but this was the first time we’ve seen it in a proposal. Needless to say, the community responded. In true Web 3 fashion, the people spoke their truths. For hours and hours we saw comments back and forth in the Illuvium discord regarding the proposal. This ability to debate and ultimately change a proposal on the fly is simply not seen in traditional gaming. Moreover, the ability of the team and council to take in feedback and adjust within 24 hours should be celebrated. Here were the highlights from the initial proposal:

  • 25,000 New Alpha Standard D1sks sold for .075 eth each. 
  • 5,000 New Alpha Mega D1sks sold for .375 eth each. 
  • Standard and Mega D1sks remain at .015 and .075 eth price points. 
  • Additional benefits for Alpha buyers including a First Edition sticker on the Illuvitars, access to an exclusive emote NFT, chance to win an exclusive NFT skin for the Overworld and chance to win a trip for two to meet the Illuvium Founders. 
  • Alpha D1sks will automatically open at the end of the sale.

This proposal had immediate pushback from the community and was ultimately revised within a few hours of receiving constructive feedback. I can’t overstate how important this concept is. The community was able to have a voice and ultimately change the course of Illuvitars within a few hours. This is the ethos of Web 3. 

Illuvitar d1sk
Illuvitar D1sk

Illuvitar Sale IIP: Revised Version

We then received the revised version of the Illuvitar sale. 

  • 100,000 Alpha Standard D1sks sold for .025 eth each. 
  • 20,000 Alpha Mega D1sks sold for .125 eth each. 
  • Standard and Mega D1sks price reduced to .005 eth and .025 eth respectively. 
  • Certain Launch Party goals to be revealed during the first day of the sale. (An example would be 5,000 D1sks sold and everyone receives an exclusive emote).
  • Alpha D1sks will be available for 7 days or until sell out, whichever happens first. 
  • Alpha D1sks CAN remain unopened.

This proposal was met once again with a ton of feedback in discord, but ultimately as of this writing we have a 90% approval rating from the community. The ability to listen to the broader community, change course and come up with a solution in less than 24 hours really showed how nimble the Illuvium team can be. I ultimately think that this proposal is much better than the first one and could be seen as win-win for both Speculators and Collectors. 

Speculators vs. Collectors

There are two categories of Illuvitar fans to look at for this sale. You have speculators who are more interested in buying and holding the rarest Illuvitars. This will be the Alpha D1sk holders and the Misprint crowd (Misprints are alpha Illuvitars that were not minted and thus will be sold as 1/1’s in a separate auction to still give people the ability to complete sets). Speculators are willing to pay more for rarer Illuvitars in hopes of turning a profit as Illuvium grows. 

The second group is our collectors. This group is much more important to the overall fabric of Illuvitars. They will be purchasing Standard D1sks at .005 eth in hopes of completing their albums. They also will be more active in the Illuvitar card game coming at a later date. As a result, the collectors are integral to the long term success of this concept. To put it simply, Speculators may be here for a good time, but Collectors are here for a long time. 

The Illuvial Phyri's Illuvitar page.

A Win-Win?

I believe this proposal may have stumbled into a win-win scenario for both sides. For the collectors, we saw prices come down dramatically on both the standard and mega D1sks. Having a price point of .005 eth on the cheapest option just lowered the barrier to entry and actually aligned better with what co-founder Aaron Warwick had in mind for pricing. So in reality upping the price of Alpha’s, which the speculators want, gave the team the opportunity to lower the price of the standard and mega D1sks. It seems we may have the best of both worlds here. 

The Illuvial Flare which will be a part of the first Illuvitar Sale.

There is still concern by some that the initial sale of Alphas with a first edition tag will lead to little demand for the regular standard and mega D1sks. Moreover, this is a question that we will have to wait and see on. I think the price drop will help remedy this potential issue. Moreover, the team seems very confident that once people get their hands on Illuvitars and see the reward mechanisms for collecting and completing albums, that additional sales will flow in. I hope this is the case and with a card game coming as well that will only increase the excitement for the regular D1sks. 

A Place for both

Overall, I think there is a place for both options in the Illuvium eco-system. The community is continuing to grow and having options is not necessarily a bad thing. This is the initial launch of Illuvitars and inevitably hindsight will be 20–20. We’re going into unchartered waters here. This is not the same as selling Pokémon cards in a store. The pace is much faster online and blockchain technology will track everything down to the exact number. We will never know how many holographic Charizard’s there are in the world. However, we will undoubtedly get daily updates on the number of Rhamphyre‘s in existence. This is the beauty of Illuvium and the impending Illuvitar sale and we are still so early!

Thank You

As always, thank you for reading my article! You can follow me on Twitter (@Rhamphy) to keep up with the latest Illuvium news, leaks and more. Still no access to the Overworld? Send me a DM on Twitter!

Everything I write is purely my opinion and should not be taken as financial advice.

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