Illuvinati Times Issue #2

Welcome back to another installment of the Illuvinati Times. While the new council members have been settling into their roles it has been anything but slow and steady.
The second installment of the Illuvinati Times

Welcome back to another installment of the Illuvinati Times. While the new Illuvinati council members have been settling into their roles it has been anything but slow and steady. In December there were over 45 proposals posted in the #ideas channel for review. The long awaited Gov V2 draft was published for community feedback. The council met four times and hosted a town hall. You can find links and summaries to this month’s activities below. Please feel free to message me with any questions or concerns, my DMs are always open to the Illuvium community. 


Council Pay

Council pay continues to be a hot topic this month. After deep discussion the council drafted IIP-28 Adjustment to Illuvinati Council Compensation. Published for community feedback on December 12th 2022 it has received mixed reviews. IIP-28 proposes lowering council pay to $4000/month. Of that $4,000, $3000/month would be paid to council members every three months of successful service. The remaining $1000/month would be subjected to a 1 year lockup for each member who completes a full term. If approved, IIP-28 would retroactively be applied to the beginning of Epoch 7. 

Council Pay IIP

Community member b0tch suggested, in Reduce Council pay by 25% -ICCP-DRAFT on 12/22,that IIP-28 over complicates the situation. They suggest reducing council pay by 25% to $3750/month. 

Read full IIP and community sentiment here.

Gov V2 Released to Community

After final adjustments and review by Illuvium’s legal team Gov V2 IIP was published on December 23rd 2022. Not every aspect of the exhaustive document has been met with overwhelming approval. However, the document as a whole has received positive feedback.

Issues raised by the community include subcommittee sizes, the process in which core contributors are placed on the subcommittees, and whether the community subcommittee should act as the gatekeepers for all IIPs.

Gov V2 Document: Governance V2 Draft Proposal + Appendix (V0.1)
Vetemor Overview:
Illuvium Governance V2 Explained! *DRAFT*

Deraji’s Thoughts:

Illuvitar Sale and Marketing

In recent Council meetings there have been discussions surrounding the upcoming Illuvitar sale. More specifically the council has discussed the marketing budget. No definitive plans have been made, and no hard numbers have been released. Though there are IIPs currently in the process of being drafted. 

NFT Intellectual Property

There have been renewed questions surrounding NFT Intellectual Property in regards to Illuvium. The council will be reviewing the situation with legal in order to clarify the situation.

Illuvium Proposals Problematic

The council has been considering in recent discussions which IIPs should take priority. While voting on IIPs is the responsibility of the council they are concerned with the possible quantity. If there were to be an influx of balance IIPs and Game suggestions it might create a bottleneck. Gov V2 is designed to help delegate some of the decision making. Though there is still consideration around limiting the number of IIPs in a given time.

Community Communication

In an effort to provide more consistent communication the council has elected to hold monthly town halls. Their first townhall was hosted in the Illuvium Discord on December 13th. For those who are not able to make future town halls, the events will be recorded and uploaded to the Illuvium+ Channel on Youtube

In the most recent town hall conversation mainly revolved around Illuviums Runway and what plans of action were being considered to deal with the concern; as well as how long the council felt it would take to publicly publish the Gov V2 proposal, and if successfully passed – how long it would take the team to implement those changes. 


Recording of Town Hall: Illuvinati Council December Town Hall | Illuvium


On December 21st, 2022 the council met with Danny to discuss the state of Illuviums runway. Currently the runway sits at $17.5M USD, this amount is estimated to last the team 12 months at current burn rates. Over the last 6 months the team has burned $1.47M USD/Month, and the team hopes to continue to reduce the current burn rate to around $1.3M USD/Month. 

When it comes to the potential for a raise of funds the council is currently divided. They’re aware of the market conditions and plan to prepare for the worst case scenario. The council believes there are other options they can explore in an effort to expand the runway rather than selling treasury tokens, which the council believes should be a last resort. 

The council believes there are other options worth exploring in terms of funding and revenue. In an effort to be proactive the council members have begun exploring those options and prioritizing so that action can be taken swiftly if needed. The council has drafted IIPs for these revenue streams and plan to submit them for community review. Possible options for the extension of runway are:

  • Implementation of Paid Partnerships
  • Withdrawing Sushi Liquidity – an estimated $3M (Selling Eth side)
  • Sale of T5 Land to Fund Treasury
  • Illuvium Zero
  • Sale of ILV from SLP
  • Sale of Treasury ILV
  • Sale of SUSHI acquired through SLP (est. $100k)

At this time, no such IIPs have been presented to the community. 

12/7 Meeting Notes: Illuvinati Council Meeting Agenda [DEC 7]

12/11 Meeting Notes: Supplemental Illuvinati Council Meeting Agenda [DEC 11]

12/20 Meeting Notes: Illuvinati Council Meeting Agenda [DEC 21]

Council Votes

The only IIP up for vote in the month of December was IIP-27 Spider Proposal. The proposal passed with 3 for and 1 against. 

Animositas approved: 

“On its face, this is a pretty easy decision.  The community is heavily in favor of this, we have an easy chance to show how decentralization works, and it’s a simple change. My holdup is that this sets the precedent for hundreds of game balance and content IIPs to be submitted in the next few months before we have an appropriate structure in place to support it.”

While Animositas has approved the IIP he does not feel the current DAO setup is ideal for processing gameplay ideas and IIPs at this time. He hopes Gov V2 will fix much of this with it’s introduction of subcommittees and hopes to see a process implemented that helps improve transparency in how ideas are moved from suggestion into IIP format, and helps clarify when it’s appropriate to do so. 

Blickter approved:

“This is a simple IIP, and it was created to demonstrate that the DAO can overrule the preferences of even a co-founder. The proposal is drafted in such a way as to not impede game development, and for those reasons I have approved this proposal.”

In his assessment of the IIP Blickter also acknowledged that there were insufficient methods at this time for reviewing large quantities of gameplay suggestions, also suggesting that IIP format might not be the best for these kinds of changes. In his assessment of the situation he’s resolved to personally start researching more effective methods to have gameplay suggestions from the community vetted by the team. 

Scoriox approved:

“Although this proposal is rather basic, I think it speaks true volumes that the community can write any proposal they wish and then governance, and by extension the council will move it further down the pipeline.”

As Scoriox has already shown he is aiming to help the community direct their voice and opinions to the appropriate parties so that future ideas and IIPs don’t get buried under bureaucracy. 

Deraji denied:

“I have voted no on this proposal purely on procedural grounds to avoid creating a precedent for proposals of this scope and nature.”… “I want to ensure the community is encouraged to share and build ideas. However, the correct structure needs to be implemented to effectively manage ideas of all types, and the current system is inadequate to handle ideas such as this. Voting to approve such IIPs sets a poor precedent for the future.”

Similar to Blickter, Deraji hopes to help implement a system that is more suited to processing gameplay specific proposals, but at this time he aims to avoid IIPs that might distract the team in such a crucial time such as this. 

Kieran did not vote in this IIP

Blickter Explains IIP Process

Utilizing his knowledge as both an Illuvium mod and council member, Blickter created a Youtube video highlighting how to take an idea from inception to IIP. In his video he provides us with helpful resources, gives examples on how to complete each step, and offers the do’s and don’ts in the process. 

While this video is undoubtedly helpful it is not easily accessible to those who are not aware of its existence. At this time the video is unlisted which means the only way to find it would be through a direct link. The link can be found provided below and has been pinned in #community-content within the Illuvium discord. 

Full Video –

Illuvium Medium Article:

Illuvium’s GitHub:

Tracking Ideas and Proposals

In an effort to help make the proposals listed in Illuviums discord #ideas channel more digestible I set out to create summaries of each posting. It quickly became apparent that this was not sustainable, in December alone 45 ideas/proposals were listed in the channel. 

Still I wanted to help make the review process easier for the wider Illuvium Community. Below you will find a link to a google sheet where I’ve cataloged all ideas posted in the month of December. This sheet provides date posted, topic, title, original poster, link to the conversation in discord, along with a very brief abstract by the OP. 

Also included in this sheet is an information page about current Illuvium council members along with their socials. I highly suggest following each council member on their respected media to stay up to date with the latest in Illuvium Governance. 

Illuvium Governance Tracker: ILV Governance Tracker

Council Catch-Up

In an effort to help keep the community informed on council action and sentiment I will be interviewing a different council member each month. This month join Scoriox and I as we reflect on what it’s like joining the council as a new member, what is currently the main focus of the council, and what his personal opinions are surrounding Gov V2. 

December Interview with Scoriox:

Final words

The next issue of The Illuvinati Times will be around the beginning of February. We will review new ideas that are proposed by community members, and give an update on which IIPs are currently in the pipeline. Have a specific question, or looking to find more information on an aspect of Illuvium Governance? Feel free to shoot me a DM on: 

Twitter: @artemisILV

Discord: Artemis | Illuvialmaster (Illuvium Discord Server)

Until next time!

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