IIP-24: Illuvitars Sale Revamp

The IIP for the Illuvitars Sale is live. We are one step closer to the next phases of the project. Progress is being made. Over the next few days our council members will talk through the proposal and cast their votes. I anticipate by the end of the voting window on August 11th we will have a successful plan passed unanimously. 

Community Vote

The current epoch will merely be echoing what the larger majority has already voted on (albeit in a less formal way without timelines). For those in discord over the last week here is what we had the opportunity to vote on: 

Allowing the community to participate was a good move. We may not have had clear timelines when presented with the opportunity, but overall I believe we made the right decision. This will ultimately give the council members the confidence to do the same. I personally voted to delay the Illuvitars launch until the Albums were ready. I did this because I want the Illuvitars Sale, and Illuvium as a whole, to be the best it can be when launching a product. That includes albums. My thinking typically aligns with a longer term outlook. In 5 years will anyone remember that Illuvitars was delayed 2 extra months? Probably not. Will they remember a wonderful minting and collecting experience at launch? Probably. 

So as we move forward we may have to take steps back at times. That is okay. Illuvium is attempting something that hasn’t been done before. There are many different variables at play and delays are bound to occur. The finished product is what really matters and most of the community is here to see the project through. I truly believe that. The short term pain of waiting will ultimately lead to long term gain. This project will stand the test of time because of community votes like this and I am proud to have played a small part in it. Thank you to all who voted. 

Thank You

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