IIP-24 Gets Unanimous Approval Illuvitars are Coming

Well there you have it. IIP-24 received a unanimous 5–0 vote and Illuvitars are officially on their way! This vote went as planned with the ultimate decision being made by the community prior to the vote ever reaching the council. The people have spoken and the council members heard them loud and clear. Illuvitars will be coming and Albums will be coming with them. 

Fliish Illuvitar with army hat, neon pink glasses and gold chain.

I think the decision to delay Illuvitars until the Albums are ready is a good one that will pay off long term. This added element will give collectors a much better option for showcasing their collection. Moreover, Albums should lead to increased Illuvitar sales and increased secondary sales. Ultimately, this will mean more Revenue Distribution for ILV stakers. Once Illuvitars are released and people begin opening disks, we will see collections start to form and people will immediately be scouring the market looking for specific traits to advance their collections. 

Archie Illuvitar with badge border.

It’s very cool to see the community have a legitimate say in how the project proceeds. What we are doing is unprecedented and a novel concept. Good or bad the community has final say on big decisions. The power has been taken from the top and given to the people. Personally, I believe this is the future in a decentralized world. To see this model play out already on this scale, with this big of a brand in 2022 is promising to me. Illuvium is changing the game. In a space where many projects seem to do everything wrong, Illuvium continues to get it right. 

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