Grant Warwick is Killing Vanity NFTs One Leak at a Time

Von Leakman is relentless

With over 20 years of graphic design experience, he expects top quality design, always. He redesigned the entirety of Illuvium Zero because it didn’t meet his standards. Grant demands high quality, if not perfection, and he’s not satisfied until he gets it. He is Von Leakman.

Grant and his team

As the cofounder of Illuvium, Grant plays a massive role in the project. He has his hand in everything from a design standpoint. Over the last 2 years, he has led the charge in hiring decisions for Illuvium’s graphics team. Grant has brought on incredible talent and loves to shout them out in the leaks section of discord. You can tell he is proud of his team and why wouldn’t he be? One look at the recently leaked Overworld video and you can’t help but smile. These leaks are a problem for competitors.

A mushroom design for Illuvium.
Mushroom design in Illuvium
Death blows to the vanity NFT

Every time Grant puts out another leak in discord it builds legitimacy around Illuvium. This transparency has led to a level of trust found almost nowhere else in the space. I encourage everyone to check the leaks section regularly, as well as, Grants Instagram page. These are the places where Von Leakman gets his name.

A green sloth Illuvial from the game Illuvium. Posted on Grant Warwick's Instagram.
A sloth Illuvial from Grant’s Instagram

We are entering a new era of NFTs. The simple vanity NFTs era is coming to a close. The speculation and hype could only last so long. Builders inevitably will prevail. No one is building at the quality and speed of Illuvium.

Multiple plants seen in Illuvium's Overworld.
Multiple plants in Illuvium’s Overworld
Every detail matters

As the leaks pile up, we realize how important every asset is. Every detail matters in this game. Every plant, rock and Illuvial has a certain style. You know your playing Illuvium when you enter this world.

Various icebergs sculpted by the Illuvium graphics team.
Various icebergs sculpted by the Illuvium team
Real production value

The space is hungry for a team to deliver. You can only go to so many Ape Fests before a real product needs to be introduced. Other than speculation, where is the ROI going to come from? Illuvium has that answer. So every time Grant sends out another leak, he’s putting another nail in the vanity NFTs coffin. One by one the dominoes fall. Grant Warwick is killing the vanity NFT, one leak at a time.

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