Getting to Know: Damo

Today I’m kicking off my Getting to Know series and thought no better way to begin than with Illuvium’s first Battle Royale Champion Damo. Damo took down a field of 14 to claim the top spot and go into the Illuvium record books. It was quite a run and I’m glad that I was able to cover it for Infoluvial. I hope this series can help people get to know the competitors, contributors, influencers and others in the Illuvium eco-system and start to make the Metaverse feel just a little bit smaller. If you missed the Battle Royale you can check out the recap I wrote a couple days ago to get up to speed. For everyone else, lets get into it.
The Interview
Rhamphy: Thanks for taking the time today Damo. I wanted to start off with a question that I think a lot of people are wondering. What is you background in gaming? Damo: I’ve been gaming since I was very young, probably around 3–4 years old. Starting with the PS2. I soon promoted to a brick computer; it was great. Recently, I retired from competitive play as a professional Rocket League player in which I competed for ~4 years. Rhamphy: Very cool. So you have a decent background in gaming. Have you played any autobattlers in the past? Damo: I have never played an Autobattler before! The genre never really interested me. Rhamphy: Interesting. It’s pretty impressive to see someone succeed in a tournament like that with no prior autobattler experience! When did you first get into Illuvium? Damo: I first got into Illuvium, as a project, far before the private beta; Grant’s a friend of mine (who I boost in rocket league) so he told me about it as they started developing it. Unlike most, I’m not particularly interested in the Tokenomics or NFT’s or any of that; I’m interested in the game for the game itself and its gameplay. It’s quite fun to play — much more so than I initially anticipated — and looks visually stunning, although I never admit it to Grant directly. Rhamphy: Haha I think we all agree with you in regards to the graphics and I don’t blame you for not letting Grant know. We need to keep him humble if we can. It’s great to hear the perspective of someone who is not in it for the style of game or tokenomics. I would say you are unique in that sense. One last question, what is your favourite Illuvial? Damo: My favourite Illuvial would have to be, of course, Snailey (Or, Seeforus). He’s a legend; he looks the best, has the best looking Omega ability and his first evolution, Tatopee, sticks his tongue out as a taunt. Seeforus himself doesn’t seem to care much about anything; a cute, yet stoically mythical killing machine. Cheers!
The Illuvial Seeforus.
Rhamphy: Alright, you heard it here first: “A cute, yet stoically mythical killing machine!” I appreciate the time Damo. Snailey is definitely a fan favorite. Looking forward to the next time we see you in the Leviathan Arena!
Thank You Damo!
There you have it. I had a great time learning a bit more about Damo and I’m excited to continue this series with others from the Illuvium community. It was interesting to hear that Damo had no prior experience with autobattlers or NFTs. Apparently, Grant is a great recruiter. Thanks again to Damo for taking the time. You can follow him on Twitter @DAMO_RL or if you’re looking to get better at Survival Mode check out his YouTube stream from the Battle Royale. As for me, I’ll catch you all on the next one!
Thank You
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