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Upcoming Land Sale

Illuvium’s Land Sale is two days away. June 2nd, the madness begins. One of the biggest points that has been stressed by the Illuvium team is not to FOMO in. Do your research and take your time. This is a 3 day sale that allows you to take things slowly. It is designed to be the opposite of a gas war. Illuvium’s top priority is the investor and it shows with the preparation and care they have put into this launch.

A graph showing different tier lands, elements, fuel and prices for the Illuvium Land Sale.

Kieran and Andrew are on a Web 3 world tour unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the space. Rest is for the weak. We have hit the home stretch and with 36 hours to go until launch, the team is going all out to see this through.

Arlen in a hero's pose with sword and Illuvials by her side in the Illuvium game.
Excitement for the Land Sale is building

The excitement is building. When the sale begins, make sure you have a plan. Have a target price in mind for the tier you are eyeing. Be patient. If you miss a time slot, remember, another is just beginning. Wait for low gas. If you can, try to pick off-peak hours where gas is at its lowest. This is a long event. Take the first hour or so to familiarize yourself with the process and prices. Get used to the cadence of a 2.5% price drop per minute. The more comfortable you are with the sale, the more you can focus. Weigh your options. Look through each region. Do research on each region ahead of time. Have a plan of attack. If you have a plan and stick to it FOMO will not be an option.

The wait is over

Many of us have been waiting over a year for this moment. Illuvium is about to enter the next phase. It’s an exciting time for the project and all eyes will be on this Land Sale. Let’s go out there and set a new standard. It’s time to break from the mold and take Illuvium to the masses.

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