Fair Launch Mechanics are at the Heart of Illuvium

Something that isn’t talked about nearly enough in the Illuvium world is the fact that the game will be launched fairly. Everyone will start at zero. When the game goes live everyone will have the same opportunity to explore the Overworld, capture Illuvials, cure shards and gather items. There is no pre sale of items to give people a leg up. This will truly be a fair launch. Someone with 1 ILV will have the same chances as someone with 1000 ILV. In the world of Illuvium, we are all equal. 

Launch Day

Arlen inputting data into a computer on the ship.

So what will that day look like? The day we finally get to traverse the Overworld for the first time? I imagine it will be madness rolled into chaos with a side of pandemonium. People will be live streaming on Twitch. The world will be so new to us all. Every step of the way will be a learning experience and it will be glorious. The way this team has constructed this project speaks volumes about where their priorities lie. They put longevity and staying power over profit. They put the people over the paycheck. 

Breaking from the mold

A beautiful sunset over Sanctum Mesa in the game Illuvium.

Illuvium is built differently. Almost every NFT project in 2020 and 2021 chose to sell items first and build later. Raise money and then figure it out. Illuvium was one of the few to choose patience and break from that mold. In a bull market where millions were there to be made with a quick profile picture project, this couldn’t have been easy. The temptation is real, but so is Illuvium. And that is why they chose this route. They can actually deliver. So while everyone else continues to try to figure it out, Illuvium has grown stronger. You better believe I’ll be there on Day 1 with the rest of the diehards ready for the madness. 

Thank You

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