Day 8: Illuvium Overworld

Today we entered the Illuvium Overworld locked and loaded with over 10 Epic and Resplendent shards. We went right into the Stage 3 portion of Crimson Waste. Check out the full video below or scroll further to see the recap.

Day 8

We we’re on the hunt for Rhamphy‘s in this one and while we didn’t encounter any we did have a few noteworthy encounters. Coming off the heels of the Goliant catch we did see a Scarabok in Stage 3 of the Illuvium Overworld, but didn’t catch it. We also were able to catch a Verminio and had the luck of encountering and catching a Phyri unexpectedly in the Stage 1 area. We ended up using a few epic shards, but we gained some as well. Overall, going into Day 9 we will have plenty of shards to explore Stage 3 immediately again. I am beginning to hit my stride and build out a strategy. Here are the results:

Bench 1
Bench 2

We were able to catch a Verminio in the wild and and we also caught some Vermillia to evolve. So we are now 1 Vermillia away from having a Vermilliare! Also, here is the full list of what we have caught thus far:

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