Day 6: Illuvium Overworld

Day 6 of the Illuvium Overworld Challenge is here. I went into this one with more of game plan. We had 2 epic shards and 2 resplendent shards so I was able to begin the day in the Tier 3 portion of Crimson Waste. This paid off big as I was able to catch 3 new Illuvials including a T4 and T5!! We went on to catch a few more Illuvials that were needed and all in all it was good day.

Day 6

Coming off yesterday’s big day in the Illuvium Overworld where I caught Ador, Lura and Fern I was in a prime position to continue to add to my squad. We ended up catching Flare, Vermillia and a Tier 5 Goliant in this run!! The Goliant is by far my best Illuvial to date and I am super excited to have caught it. We also were able to evolve Kukka into Kukkulus, Rypter into Rypterus and Atlas for a second Axon. On top of all that I caught a Virtuous Lynx! Our Illuvial count now stands at 26. Check it out:

My starting Illuvials in the Illuvium Overworld.
My bench Illuvials in the Illuvium Overworld.

And here is a look at the Illuvial list in full:

The Illuvials I have caught so far out of the original 45.
The Lynxes I have caught so far.
The Tier 0s I have caught so far.

Thank You

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