Day 5: Illuvium Overworld

We are on Day 5 of the Illuvium Overworld Gotta Catch Em All Challenge. Today we had some success in both Tier 2 and Tier 3 regions. The squad is coming together. I got off to hot start in this one with a few early catches. Unfortunately, my disk space ran out so I wasn’t able to record the full 3 hours that I played. Note to self, always check storage before recording. Nevertheless, here is the video I was able to get:

Day 5

I’m starting to get more strategic in my gameplay. You only have so many runs in a day so you need to make the most of each one. I was able gather some Epic and Resplendent shards to help me capture some of the rarer Illuvials. Overall, I was happy with my haul today. I came out of the Illuvium Overworld with a Lura, Ador and Fern for the first time. Catching Ador got me super hyped and brought back those feelings of Pokémon when I was a child. I also was able to evolve Archie into Archos and Tatopee into Teeantee. Below you will find my current starters and bench.

The Illuvials in my inventory area showcased by Ador.
The Illuvials in my storage area showcased by Atlas.

I’m close to evolving Rypter and Kukka as well. I also managed to get a new Moz4rt skin and Armor skin in this run. Below you’ll find my full list of Illuvials as well!

Bonus! I was able to find this guy!

Bonus wall art in the Illuvium Overworld.

Thank You

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