Day 4: Illuvium Overworld

It’s Day 4 of the Gotta Catch Em All Challenge and things are starting to heat up in the Illuvium Overworld! I’ve figured out the Forge and have begun to craft more items. I also had a pretty good day on the hunt for Illuvials and even managed to evolve a few! To top it off, we crafted our first Moz4rt skin! As luck would have it, the first skin was a Rhamphy. Such a fitting way to kick things off. Check out the full video or scroll past to see exactly what I caught today.

We were able to add some heavy hitters to the squad as we spent our time in Stage 2. With that we evolved both Atlas and Lynx. Welcoming Axon and Relentless Lynx to the squad! We also were able to catch Rypter, Kukka and a Stoic Lynx which brings our total Illuvial count to 15! Onwards and upwards my friends. I also managed to get a second Tatopee, Rypter and Archie which means we have a few more evolutions coming soon! Here are my starters and bench:

My Illuvium Overworld starters.
My Illuvium Overworld bench.

And here is my total Illuvial count from the Illuvium Overworld to keep things organized.

A list of all the Illuvials I have caught.
A list of all the Illuvials I have caught.
A list of all the Illuvials I have caught.

Thank You

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