Day 14: Illuvium Overworld (Final Day)

We are back for the finale of the Gotta Catch Em All Challenge in the Illuvium Overworld. Day 14 is here. Tomorrow the data will be reset with the launch of Illuvium Zero. I finished strong today with a final count of 34 Illuvials out of a possible 45. Yes, I did manage to get myself a Scoriox. It was a fun two weeks. Thanks for tuning in!

Day 14

The challenge may be over the fun in the Illuvium Overworld has only just begun! Illuvium Zero is going to take this project to the next level. As for the results, I was able to find a Phyri today to evolve into my third Phyriox, which in turn gave me the chance to evolve into Scoriox! I also caught a third Loulura and was able to evolve into Malura. My final count was 34 Illuvials out of a possible 45 from the Originals. As a side note, I also finally evolved enough Lynxes to get myself an Relentless Emberlynx. That was a nice little bonus to end things. Here is my final starting lineup and bench:

The starter deck for my team in the Illuvium Overworld.
The storage of my team in the Illuvium Overworld.
The storage of my team in the Illuvium Overworld.
Bench 2

Also, to cap things off here was my entire list of catches:

Thank You

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