Day 13: Illuvium Overworld

It’s Day 13 in the Illuvium Overworld and I am hyper focused on a few Illuvials to try and complete as much of the Original 45 as possible. We had some success today and even managed to add our 32nd Illuvial to the count! We may have one more run tomorrow, but Illuvium Zero is rapidly approaching. Here is Day 13:

Day 13

All in all it was a great day in the Illuvium Overworld. I managed to catch a Scarabok in the Stage 2 region. I also added a couple Lura‘s, a Phyri, a Dash and an Ador in this one. These were all Illuvials that I needed. I’m hoping I can get one more run in to evolve some of those. As it stands we have 32 out of the Original 45 Illuvials. Here are my starters and bench:

Bench 2

This was a ton of fun. After my final run I will be diving into Illuvium Zero and putting out a few videos about my experience there. It will be great to get a feel for how the city builder works. Also, here is my current Illuvial list:

Thank You

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