Day 12: Illuvium Overworld

Day 12 in the Illuvium Overworld was pretty solid. There was one elusive Stage 1 Illuvial that I finally encountered! We had some tense moments there on the capture sequence. I also saw some other rare Illuvials including a couple Stage 2. It was a good run and I added to the Illuviary. We are now over 40 total Illuvials.

Day 12

It’s Day 12 in the Illuvium Overworld and I managed to finally encounter and capture an Alphie! I also was able to add Dash for the first time. Those were the last two remaining Stage 1 Illuvials that I needed from the Original 45. I also managed to fuse Flare into Singe and I caught a Rypterus which in turn got us Ryplance. Overall, it was another good day for building up the Illuviary. We now have 41 Illuvials including 31 out of the Original 45. As we head to the last few days of the Gotta Catch Em All challenge before the data is wiped to add Illuvium Zero, I will be focusing heavily on the Original 45. There are 14 to go, here’s hoping I can catch them all! It’s going to be a grind from here on out.

Bench 2

From here on out I will only be posting the Original 45 count as well. Here is where I am at:

Thank You

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