Day 11: Illuvium Overworld

Day 11 in the Illuvium Overworld was all about evolving my Illuvials. I was able to evolve 3 different Illuvials to Stage 3. I also caught a rare Stage 2 Illuvial and had some other notable encounters. Enjoy!

Day 11

We were able to evolve Archos into Archeleon, Kukkulus into Kukkaraph and Teeantee into Seeforus in this one! That’s 3 more Illuvials on the board and 3 less evolves to worry about as I continue on in the Illuvium Overworld. Scanning before entering an encounter just became even more important. My focus now is on Illuvials like Phyri, Ador and maybe the elusive Alphie (I have yet to encounter one). I also only need one more Flare to evolve into Singe. I am now up to 37 Illuvials caught out of 101. The hunt continues check out my line up below:

Bench 2

Next we have my total list of Illuvials through Day 11:

My main focus has been on the original 45 Illuvials, as opposed to, Lynxes or Tier 0s. This will continue to be the case as we approach the Illuvium Zero update, which will wipe out all current game play data. We will see how many I can catch before time runs out.

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