Day 10: Illuvium Overworld

It’s Day 10 in the Illuvium Overworld and I am continuing to build out my collection of Illuvials. There are a total of 101 to capture and I currently sit at 34. Today was a day of gathering shards and catching a few rare Illuvials. Enjoy!

Day 10

I had a couple great encounters in this one. Being able to catch a few more Phyri‘s and evolve into Phyriox was huge. I also encountered my second Ador in the Illuvium Overworld, but even with a Resplendent Shard the Illuvial got away. That’s just how it goes sometimes, there was nothing else I could’ve done. Here is a look at my current starters and bench:

My starting lineup in the Illuvium Overworld.
My bench in the Illuvium Overworld.
My bench in the Illuvium Overworld.
Bench 2

Also, for those keep score at home, here is where I stand after Day 10:

Thank You

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