Day 1: Illuvium Overworld

It’s here! The Illuvium Overworld is live and I just made my first run. You can watch the full video below and scroll down further to see what I captured. It wasn’t pretty, but day 1 is in the books! I’ll be keeping track of my progress here and provide videos of each run. How long will it take me to catch em all? The Gotta Catch Em All challenge is underway!

To recap I caught a Earth Grokko, Nature Grokko, Earth Volante and Fire Fliish. I also started out with a Water Doka and Water Fliish so I have 6 of the 25 Tier 0 Illuvials so far. I’m going to take those Tier 0s into the Stage 1 region of the Illuvium Overworld tomorrow to see how I stack up against better competition. To be continued!

Thank You

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