Crimson Waste

Crimson Waste is an unforgiving region of vast desert, high winds and deep caverns that provide fleeting moments of relief. The caves of Crimson Waste were carved in the sandstone by streams of acid that flow through it’s veins to this day. In this guide I will cover the different areas of Crimson Waste. We will see how to navigate the first of seven regions of Illuvium and what the environment has to offer. This wasteland is home to fire Illuvials who thrive in the extreme temperatures found here. The deserts of Crimson Waste are aptly named Cinder. Sandstorms are common in Cinder and it is easy to become disoriented.

Arlen looking at the vast desert of Cinder.
Arlen looking at the vast desert of Cinder.
The vast desert of Cinder

Without a map, this environment can be nearly impossible to traverse.

The map of Crimson Waste.

Ulum’s Landing

The Obelisk of Ulum's Landing in Crimson Waste.
The Obelisk in Ulum’s Landing

Ulum’s Landing is where your journey begins. With an obelisk placed directly in the center surrounded by a pool of acid, this is where your Ranger will teleport in. From here you can go in any direction you want as seen on the map above. Each tunnel has it’s own unique challenges that will test your skills. One false move could lead to an untimely death in a pool of acid. Choose wisely.

Arlen looking out from the Crimson Waste Obelisk.
Crimson Waste Obelisk


Arlen looking towards Anguith in the Overworld.
Our entry to Anguith

Anguith is beautiful. This mystical area of Crimson Waste is filled with crystal deposits. The shimmer of crystal is not only breathtaking, but enticing.

Arlen with crystals behind her in Anguith, a part of Crimson Waste.
Anguith is filled with crystal deposits

Shooting the crystals only intensifies the experience. In an otherwise dark and cavernous area, the crystals can light the way. Tread lightly as you jump from crystal to crystal. One misstep will lead you cascading down to the acid pool below.

Arlen shooting crystals in the tunnels of Anguith.
Shooting crystals to light the way

Once across, this path ultimately leads to a forgotten past. A large boneyard of mammoth sized beasts called Leviathan. These creatures lived long before Arlen ever stepped foot on this foreign planet. Will they ever be encountered again?

The graveyard of Crimson Waste.
Graveyard of Crimson Waste
The entry to Crimson Gallery.
Entry to Crimson Gallery

Crimson Gallery is a masterpiece. It is a calming part of the region that includes amazing cave paintings that really gives the feel of an art gallery.

A Lynx cave painting in the Crimson Gallery.
A Lynx cave painting

Each cave painting tells a story and shooting these beautiful works of art illuminates them with vibrant colors.

A cave painting of the Seeforus line in Crimson Gallery.
The evolution of the Seeforus line
A cave painting of a Polar Bear Illuvial.
Polar Bear Illuvial

This route provides another way to exit the inner caves of Crimson Waste and enter the deserts of Cinder. Just be careful, you may have a Dropbear fall on your head!

A cave painting of the Dropbear Illuvial.

Heido’s Dam

The entrance to Heido's Dam in Crimson Waste.
The entry to Heido’s Dam

This area of Crimson Waste remains a mystery. In certain instances you can teleport to the other side of the Dam, but there is not much beyond the chasm. This will remain an unknown area until we can read through the game’s lore. Also, who is Heido?

Heido's Dam in Crimson Waste.
Heido’s Dam

Hell’s Point

The dark entryway to Hell's Point in Crimson Waste.
A look into Hell’s Point

Hell’s Point is another mysterious area of the Crimson Waste. Here is an excerpt about Hell’s Point from the Illuvium team:

Hell’s point is on the east side of Ulum’s Landing — an outcrop of rock that takes one further underground, leading to primarily pitch-black areas. However, luminescent plants dot these caves with a faint fluorescent glimmer. Some release colourful acid, which drips down the walls creating pools of light in an otherwise black void.

At the bottom of Hell’s Point are the Cradle Pools. These mini-reservoirs of bubbling acid release a faint glowing fog infused with light from radiant flora like the Giant Luminescent Hazelnut.

Illuvium Team

We will soon learn more about Hell’s Point.

Howling Rift

Entry to Howling Rift

Howling Rift is another way to lead yourself out to the deserts of Cinder. This tunnel is known for it’s high winds constantly howling through the cave. It is teeming with life and flowing with acid. This is considered the narrowest tunnel in the region.

An acid pool in Howling Rift.
An acid pool in Howling Rift
Arlen looking through the tunnel of Howling Rift.
Inside Howling Rift

There are many twists and turns in Howling Rift. Certain tunnels can lead to Magnopass, while others will lead to Hell’s Point.


The entry to Magnopass.
Entry to Magnopass

Magnopass is by far the most lively area in Crimson Waste. This cavern is bursting with life and super charged with electricity. Small tunnels open up to vast caverns beneath the desert. This area also has massive pools of acid a wide variety of plant life. There is much to explore.

One of the caverns in Magnopass.
A cavern in Magnopass
Arlen standing on an island in the acid of Magnopass.
An island in the acid of Magnopass
Arlen exploring Magnopass by jetpack
Flying through Magnopass

Soka’s Garden

The entry sign to Soka's Garden.
Entry to Soka’s Garden

Soka’s Garden is probably my favorite area of Crimson Waste. Out from the tunnels is a wide expanse. This is an oasis in the deserts of Cinder. This landscape shows that even in the harshest of conditions, life finds a way. Here is a video of Soka’s Shortcut a quick way to get from the Obelisk to Soka’s Garden.

Arlen looks out at the vast area of Soka's Garden in the Crimson Waste region of Illuvium.
The view of Soka’s Garden
Arlen uses her jet pack in Soka's Garden.
Soka’s Garden
Arlen stands on a giant flower in Soka's Garden.
The opposite side of Soka’s Garden

If you are on the hunt for resources, Soka’s Garden is the best place to find them. This area is filled with mineral deposits, plant life and Illuvials!

Southern Passage

The entry to the Southern Passage of the Crimson Waste.
Entry to Southern Passage

Southern Passage reminds me of Crimson Gallery in that it is easy to navigate and without much danger. This area is calm and has a good mix of mineral deposits and plant life. It also has less acid pools than other tunnels in Crimson Waste and a constant stream of sand falling in from above.

Arlen sees an Illuvial in Southern Passage.
Southern Passage
Arlen looks toward Cinder from Southern Passage.
Heading towards Cinder from Southern Passage

It almost feels like it could cave in at any moment. However, this may be the safest path to reach the deserts of Cinder. Here is how the Illuvium team describes the Southern Passage:

Vines and plants hang from various rock formations, and of all the tunnel systems, this is the most peaceful and pleasant to explore. Giant boulders, towering rock formations and colonies of mushrooms abound, and due to its vast interior, one might forget they are underground.

Illuvium Team

So there you have it. A detailed look at the first region of the Illuvium Overworld, Crimson Waste. I hope this can be a helpful guide for Illuvial hunters as they make their way in this region. There is so much to explore in Illuvium, but this should give you an idea of what to expect in Crimson Waste.

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