Counting Down the 100 Best Illuvium Leaks of 2022: 91–100

As we head towards the end of 2022 it’s nice to take some time and reflect on all that has happened over the course of the year. In the Illuvium world, we received Survival Mode PB1 and PB2. We also saw a successful Illuvium: Zero Land Sale to the tune of $72 million. We’ve seen merch leaks, Overworld leaks and much more. Here I will rank the top 100 Illuvium leaks of 2022, 10 leaks at a time. Today we get it started with leaks 91–100. 

Leak 100: Exploding Pumpkins

The Abyssal Grove area with hanging exploding pumpkins in the Abyssal Basin region of Illuvium.

There’s no better way to kick things off than with exploding pumpkins. Here’s a plant that will definitely try to kill you. It also looks pretty cool. Like a moth to a flame, don’t get too close to these beautiful wonders in Abyssal Basin

Leak 99: Sunset Obelisk

A sunset over an obelisk in the world of Illuvium.

One of the cooler shots from the team. This moment captures the beauty of Illuvium. An endless world of possibility shrouded in mystery as darkness falls. 

Leak 98: Angry Malura

The Illuvial Malura getting ready for battle.

As Private Beta 1 drew near we started to receive these ultra high resolution photos of the Illuvials getting ready for combat. Here we have an angry Malura in all its glory. This Bloom/Vanguard type is a force to be reckoned with in Survival Mode. 

Leak 97: Frosty Lynx

A lynx Illuvial.

The hair. Look at all that hair. How many hours did that take and how many Lynx are there again? Needless to say they’re beautiful. This was an early look at the Lynx from around February and really set the tone for what we now see in Private Beta 2 and the Overworld

Leak 96: Halcyon Seashell

A Mega Shell found in the Halcyon Sea region of Illuvium.

One word for you: scale. Look at how massive this Mega Shell is! Imagine having that wash ashore? And what beast called that home? We will soon find out!

Leak 95: Abyssal Battleboard

The Illuvium battleboard in Abyssal Basin.

Here we have another autobattler leak from early 2022 to capture the essence of game play. This Abyssal Basin themed battleboard features a fight between Rhamphyre and Axodon with light poking through from the canopy above. These are two major icons in Illuvium. Who will come out on top?

Leak 94: Terminator Moz4rt 

Terminator Moz4rt design from Illuvium.

Give me all the Moz4rt skins! These just keep getting better and better. This Terminator Moz4rt specifically highlights the opportunity Illuvium may have to organically market high end brands. With all the sponsorship funds going to ILV stakers, these promo skins may basically pay for themselves!

Leak 93: Nature Carablu

Nature Carablu pictures from Illuvium.

This one was leaked recently and I believe it is a Nature Carablu. The leaves growing off the back of this beast are fantastic. We don’t know too much about this Illuvial yet, but once again the team is paying attention to every little detail. 

Leak 92: Axon Plushie

Axon plushie design from Illuvium.

I think it’s safe to say we will see each plushie design on this list at some point (some cuter than others) but here we have the Axon plushie coming in at number 92. Atlas’ awkward teenage phase is on full effect here. Wen?

Leak 91: Illuvium Zero

Illuvium Zero login page.

The Illuvium Zero login page. I don’t know why, but when I saw this for the first time it got me super excited for IZ. I think for me it just made it seem a whole lot closer to being finished. There’s just something about a simple loading screen. Let me login and play!

Stay Tuned for Leaks 81–90!

Coming soon we will have our next 10 Illuvium leaks as we wind down 2022. This series will culminate with an epic top 10 as we glide into the new year. Stay tuned! 

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