Counting Down the 100 Best Illuvium Leaks: 81–90

The Illuvium leaks countdown continues! Today we have our next ten leaks as we take a look at the best Illuvium leaks throughout 2022. The Illuvium team accomplished so much this year and their progress should be celebrated. Let’s jump right in! 

Leak 90: Rhamphyre Moz4rt 

Concept art for a Rhamphyre skin on Moz4rt.

These Moz4rt skin concepts started dropping pretty regularly over the summer (June-August) and each one was better than the last. We’ve already seen Terminator Moz4rt, but here we have a look at the Rhamphyre line. Needless to say this gets me very excited for the various skins we will soon be collecting. 

Leak 89: Nature Attipo

The Illuvial Attipo.

The Tier 0s are next level. The Illuvium team has put their focus on these illuvials and it shows. This Nature Attipo has every little detail shown and newcomers to the game are going to be blown away. 

Leak 88: Festival Squizz

The Illuvitar Squizz.

I don’t remember how this Illuvitar came to be. All of a sudden it was there in all its glory and I love it! This captures the essence of Squizz and the cult of Squizz that grows stronger by the day. This Illuvitar surely will be sought after. 

Leak 87: Rhamphy Emotes

Rhamphy concept art.

What is better than emotes? These are going to be so fun to drop on people in battles. I’m particularly a fan of #1 laughing Rhamphy

Leak 86: Wen Anime

Multiple Illuvials in cartoon form.

Grant posted this artwork on Twitter back in May with two words “The Dream”. I really think that says it all. If Illuvium goes mainstream and has an anime style show on major platforms we will have made it. 

Leak 85: IZ Stadium

The stadium in Illuvium Zero.

When this image dropped we got major stadium hype! The Land Sale ultimately was a huge success and the team is waiting for a strategic moment to auction off the Tier 5 plots. Will we see a $1 million bid?

Leak 84: Sanctum Mesa

A look at Sanctum Mesa.

This image is unique because the Leviathan ship is in flight. In the game, this ship will be grounded and play host to PVP battles. The fight for ETH will happen on Sanctum Mesa. 

Leak 83: Tatopee Slippers

A Tatopee inspired slipper design.

Alright maybe I’m overreacting here, but I’m pretty excited for Illuvium slippers. These may look ridiculous, but I’m on board! My feet always get cold so I needed these yesterday. 

Leak 82: Beach Day

A beach themed piece of art with Rai the red panda building a sandcastle.

The 4th of July was celebrated in style with this beach themed masterpiece. There is so much to unpack here, but I think my favorite is Moz4rt peaking out of the sand. We also see Rai the red panda Illuvial building a sandcastle and Mah’mu dropping in from above. Can’t wait to see these fun loading screens live in game! 

Leak 81: Fight Club

Arlen and Volante charging into battle.

Here we have a beautiful autobattler image. This really shows just how good this game is. The orange and blue Volante next to Arlen with the glowing sword. Incredible. Also, shout out to Flare rolling around like a mad man. This scene has it all. 

The Countdown Continues

The countdown will continue later this week as we march closer to the end of 2022. There is much to be excited about as we head into 2023 with Illuvium, but first we must find out which leak will take the top spot! Stay tuned. 

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