Cam Norrie’s Impressive Wimbledon Run Boosts Illuvium

Cam Norrie’s impressive run came to an end at Wimbledon today, but not before a trip to the semifinals. The 26 year old Brit was taken down by #1 Novak Djokovic in a hard fought battle that saw the underdog lead 1–0 after set 1. 

Illuvium along for the ride

Throughout the tournament Illuvium has been right there with him. Norrie has a marketing deal with Illuvium and sports the Illuvium logo on the left sleeve of his shirts. This is a massive win for Illuvium as millions of people get to see that logo for the first time. Norrie has also done a tremendous job promoting Illuvium on his Twitter account and even sports an Ethlizards PFP, a project that was born from diehards early on in Illuvium discord. 

Cam Norrie with Ethlizards face.
Photo Credit: @cam_norrie on Twitter

The timing could not be better for Illuvium as they look to grow their audience ahead of a highly anticipated Illuvitar sale and private beta 2 launch. As Cam Norrie grows in the tennis world, Illuvium will be along for the ride. This is one of the few sponsorship deals in the NFT space that has worked out so well. Norrie is genuinely a big fan of Illuvium and even a friend of the Warwick brothers, who grew up playing tennis in Australia. It’s a cool wrinkle to the project and one that can bring increasing legitimacy to Illuvium and the play and earn space as whole. 

Cam Norrie smiling at microphone with Illuvium logo on arm.
Photo Credit: @cam_norrie on Twitter


After this tournament one thing is certain, I’m now a Cam Norrie fan for life! Congrats on the Wimbledon run Cam and I look forward to watching you in future matches!

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