Building Out Crystal Shores

Last week we got a great look at the block out of Crystal Shores. This is the last region to be blocked out and it is really starting to come together. 

Grant gave us a bit of a walk through of the region as he sat down with Andrew in another Illuvium Showcase. You can see the whole episode here

Crystal Shores is wildly different than any other region we’ve seen. Almost entirely made out of Crystal, this region takes things to the next level. 

The beauty of this region is obvious. The creativity is next level. Illuvium is making incredible progress and this leak shows that even the region that has been worked on the least is really coming together. 

Worth the wait

It can be hard to wait for games to come out and I see the patience wearing thin in the community. I get it. However, I am confident Illuvium will be worth the wait. This team will blow our minds time and time again with a level of detail rarely seen in a video game. Crystal Shores once again proves that. 

Imagine what this will look like when fully complete. If the block out looks this good, adding in all the little details will make it truly spectacular. My favorite region so far has been Crimson Waste, but I could see Crystal Shores or maybe Taiga Boreal taking the top spot once the game is live. 

As we continue to wait for the launch of Overworld Beta, it’s great to take a look at the progress being made in each region. Soon enough we will have the game in our hands and we will forget all about the delays and long wait times. I think diehard Illuvium fans will look back fondly on these days. The excitement of leaks and constant updates. The anticipation. 

Once the game is out and the masses arrive our little community won’t feel so little. Enjoy the process and enjoy the quiet. With regions like Crystal Shore being built out, it’s safe to say these days won’t last. 

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