Building on the Ethereum Blockchain is Key for Illuvium

As we navigate the world of crypto weighing the risk vs reward of potential investments, one point has not been lost on me. Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to be head and shoulders above the rest. If Bitcoin is digital gold then Ethereum is digital silver.

Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bear Market

In this bear market, reputation is of the utmost importance. Tokens and coins have come and gone. Rising to unprecedented heights with outsized gains and falling just as swiftly. Bitcoin and Ethereum are no strangers to the bull and bear markets, but through it all they have survived and grown stronger. Bitcoin may never have the use cases that Ethereum can offer. The former chooses security over added utility. The latter has become the main player for building.

Axodon Illuvitar with sunglasses on.


NFTs were born on the Ethereum blockchain. Cryptopunks originated on Ethereum and many have since followed. If the past is any indication, Ethereum will be the premiere blockchain for Web 3 gaming and I could not be happier to see Illuvium building on this chain.

Triple Threat

I think what we are seeing from Illuvium is a triple threat. We are seeing a world class game being built on a world class blockchain and operated on a world class Layer 2 solution in Immutable X. Nothing in crypto is certain, but this combination is as buttoned up as I have seen in this Wild West of digital assets. I have immense conviction in every moving part. I’ve done the research, it just makes sense.

Three Axon cards being merged to evolve into Axodon.

As the dominoes fell during this bear market my confidence only grew. I feel like I know what I’m getting with Illuvium, Ethereum and Immutable X. Even with the Ethereum merge on the horizon, I’m not worried. The builders will continue to build on the strongest network and the Illuvium team will continue to deliver. We are on the cusp of something special. If given the choice between consistent returns or innovative upside I’m choosing innovation every time. Those who have done the proper research see the opportunity in front of us with Illuvium and there’s no better blockchain to host this innovative game than Ethereum.

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