Are You Ready for the Illuvium Land Sale?

Illuvium Land Sale incoming

Alright anon, we are 1 week out from the Illuvium Land Sale. On June 2nd, the fun begins! Are you ready? If not, no worries I have you covered! Let’s take a look at exactly how this will work and what you’ll need for the big weekend. Once we’re finished you’ll be chilling like Alphie, I promise.

Illuvium's Alphie in sunglasses as an Illuvitar.

First things first, we need to make sure you have a Metamask wallet downloaded! This will be the only crypto wallet you can use during the sale. This can be downloaded directly from

Once you have the wallet set up you will want to buy Ethereum and sILV2. These are the two tokens available for the Land Sale. Think of sILV2 as an Illuvium gift card. It is a token used specifically for in game asset sales like this one. sILV2 can be purchased on an exchange and I highly recommend looking through #helpful-links in Illuvium’s discord before going down this path for the first time. It’s also worth noting that ETH will be needed either way for gas fees.

Immutable X

Next up we need to connect your wallet to Immutable X. The initial portion of the sale will be on Layer 1 with ETH or sILV2, but the next part is where Immutable’s Layer 2 technology comes into play. I recommend bookmarking the Immutable X page ahead of time to assure you don’t come across any harmful links in your quest for land. In Illuvium’s recent Land Sale article they did a good job of explaining the purchasing process:

“For this first land sale on the IlluviDex, the purchase part of the transaction occurs on Ethereum Layer 1 and incurs a standard gas fee. Users need to ensure their MetaMask wallet is loaded with enough ETH to cover this gas fee and either ETH or sILV2 to cover the purchase price of the Land. After purchase, the minting part of the transaction occurs on IMX Layer 2, and there is no gas fee. This normally takes 5 — 10 minutes, depending on network congestion. The resulting Illuvium Land NFT is placed in the user’s connected IMX wallet and significantly reduces the overall gas fees spent during this first Land sale.”

Plan Ahead

This is crucial so make sure to plan ahead. The reason for this two Layer approach is simple. This will ensure that during gameplay we will be able to transact on Layer 2 and avoid gas fees! The Illuvium team is really trying to make the game experience as seamless as possible and Immutable X is a huge piece of the puzzle.

Once you have Immutable X connected to your wallet you are ready for the Land Sale. For more in depth information you can check out Illuvium’s latest blog post here. I hope this article helps everyone as they prep their wallets for the Land Sale and I will see you all at the Dutch Auction!!

Thank You

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Illuvial from Illuvium in sunglasses as an Illuvitar.

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