All You Need to Know About Illuvium’s Upcoming Election

Epoch 7 has arrived and with it another round of voting in the Illuvium eco-system is about to begin. Over the next few weeks we will decide our next 5 council members. The process will be nominations, campaigning and then finally the vote. These elections are arguably the biggest part of the Illuvium governance system and ultimately give the power to the players. Nothing gets done without an IIP and vote from our elected members. Let’s break down Illuvium’s upcoming election!

Nomination Period

The nomination period begins today and will run for 7 days ending on November 15th. Anyone with an ILV token can be nominated or nominate others and you can submit your nominations here. Moreover, there is one nomination per token holder allowed and you can nominate yourself if so inclined. 

Campaign Period

Once nominees have been sorted they will head out on the campaign trail. For one week they will give their best efforts to win over the votes of the community. The campaign period will begin November 15th and run through the 22nd. There will be nominee interviews available on Illuvium’s secondary YouTube channel Illuvium+. In addition to that, you can expect the nominees to interact with other content creators doing AMA’s, Townhalls, debates etc to help strengthen their brand. I encourage everyone to tune in and learn more about each candidate. 

Illuvials playing Illuvium.

Voting Period

There will be a 3 day voting period utilizing Snapshot. With the most recent IIP in motion, we should see this as our first blind vote. This will mean the community will not see the voting in real time and be able to change votes at the last minute based on that information. This is a welcomed change to the format. Voting will run from November 23rd to 26th and ultimately at the end of it we will have our epoch. 

Epoch 7 will begin their term on December 1st 2022. With major aspects of Illuvium set to roll out during this epoch it is imperative that we as a community get a great group of 5 in these coveted seats. Illuvitars, Overworld Beta, and Illuvium Zero are all slated to debut in this epoch. It is an exciting time for Illuvium with a ton of decisions to be made. As a community, let’s come together and put our best foot forward for Epoch 7. 

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