All Hail Church of Squizz

I want to preface this article by saying that it most likely will be the most important post I ever make. Possibly the most important piece I ever write in my life. With great power undoubtedly comes great responsibility. All hail Church of Squizz.

I scoured the Illuvium discord far and wide for the best Squizz content. What I found was incredible, shocking at times, and way more in depth than I had ever imagined. Squizz is Illuvium’s worst kept secret. The stage 1 squid has a cult like following amongst the community. I am here to do a deep dive into the almighty legend that is Squizz. 

The Believers

Squizz has taken on a life of its own in the Illuvium community. I acknowledged this by giving him a prominent spot in my Illuvitar rankings at #3. However, after my extensive discord research, I may have underestimated the Church of a lot. 

We start with the believers. These are the loyal folks who cheer for Squizz every step of the way. They know little about Squizz as he just had his first in-game footage the other day, which I documented here: 

Regardless, this crew would follow Squizz to the end of the earth. He will be their first choice in the auto-battler no matter the scenario and they will don his Illuvitar proudly while doing so. This crew is loyal to a fault. 

The Craftors

Above the Believers we have the Craftors. These loyal souls take Squizz to the next level with physical art work. A perfect example of this is a Squizz rug I found in discord. 

Spartan Squizz has transcended the digital realm and can now be seen in a living room near you. 

I also want to take a moment to point out that we have what is essentially a mugshot of Squizz. I’m not sure any other Illuvial has this..take a look: 

I don’t know what Squizz did to receive those shots, but alas the legend grows. 

And then we had the Squizz NFT!

Kongo summed it up perfectly here when we had a Squizz Emote sell for 3.5 ETH last year in the infamous #degen-trading channel: 

Crazy indeed. That was over $10,000 at the time! But just when you think we couldn’t get any crazier we get the legendary Cult of Squizz. 

Cult of Squizz

Who knows how deep this Cult runs. The evidence is throughout discord if you look close enough. There are reports of the leader getting a Squizz tattoo. I can neither confirm or deny that said tattoo belongs to the cult leader, but I do have photo evidence of the tattoos existence. The person in question was nice enough to send both a before and after photo in discord: 

Based on the emoji response, it’s safe to assume that this cult runs deep. Another post by the potential leader involved T-shirts. 

The Cult of Squizz is real and it’s growing. One might ask, how could a cute little squid rally such a formidable following? 

There’s only one man to blame. Squizz’s biggest hype man..Von Leakman. Every chance he gets he fuels the legend of Squizz. It’s almost certainly a hill he is willing to die on. One could argue Squizz has the power to bring down the entire project. So how do you stop such a force of nature? 

With a lineage that grows stronger and stronger with each evolution?

I wish I knew. The power of Squizz is beyond comprehension. The Church of Squizz reigns supreme and the Cult of Squizz is growing everyday. Can it be stopped? Only time will tell, but if I know one thing, when push comes to shove and the ink line has been drawn in the sand, never cross that squid. 

Thank You

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Everything I write is purely for the Squizzinati and should not be taken as financial advice.

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