All Eyes Turn to Next Epoch as the Illuvium Land Sale Looms

The Illuvium Land Sale is coming

With the Land Sale less than two weeks away we have hit a critical point in the early stages of Illuvium. Revenue Distribution is front and center in election conversations with each candidate expressing their own opinions on the matter. The nomination period has come to a close and on May 28th voting begins. This epoch is arguably the most important in Illuvium’s short history. If done correctly, this could pave the way with a revenue distribution model that becomes the backbone of Illuvium’s tokenomics.

Becoming a member of the Illuvinati Council at this stage is of critical importance. It is on the community to decide the fate of our nominees. My hope is that this article can help to inform our community about the nominees for this epoch and help get us ready for what lies ahead.

Information on each candidate

More extensive information on each candidate can be found in the #illuvinati-council-election section of the Illuvium discord. I encourage everyone to read through the conversations happening in that channel, but I also wanted to provide a basis of each nominee in this article. So here are the nominees, and their reason for running, as gathered by the Infoluvial team. Some may appear multiple times if they had multiple nominations:

Information on each candidate in the Illuvium epoch.
Information on each candidate in the Illuvium epoch.
Information on each candidate in the Illuvium epoch.
Big decisions to be made

Needless to say, there is a lot to discuss. One of the great aspects of Web 3 is the ability for everyone to have a voice. Imagine being able to help chart the trajectory of Pokémon’s early stages through a vote? This is the opportunity that is in front of us with Illuvium. It is time to embark on an epic journey into unchartered waters and launch a project in an entirely new way, together.

Thank You

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Illuvials posing together for the game Illuvium.
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