When Vanquished, Aegis (Bulwark + Empath) Units shield the lowest Current Health ally for a percentage of their Max Health.

2 Aegis Illuvials: 30% Max Health Shield
3 Aegis Illuvials: 40% Max Health Shield
4 Aegis Illuvials 50% Max Health Shield

Innate Bonus: On Combat Start, Aegis Units Shield their closest ally for 8 seconds. Aegis Units gain Physical and Energy Resistance the first time they drop below 50% Health.

Composite Bonus: 50 Shield per Empath synergy and 20 Physical & Energy resistance per Bulwark synergy.

Types of Illuvials that are in the Aegis class include Archos and Archeleon.

The Aegis class cannot be combined to make other classes.

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