A Recap of Illuvium’s 2nd Survival Mode Tournament

Hosted by Vetemor

We had another great competition yesterday as the Private Beta has been opened up to more and more competitors. This tournament gave 500+ private beta gamers a chance to compete for 16 spots and a prize pool of $5000. How it worked was the people who finished in the Top 20 on the leaderboard after 12 hours of competing would move on to the next round. A Google doc also needed to be filled out.

In the end, Wave 22 would prove to be the cut off. Here was our field:

A list of competitors in the 2nd Illuvium Battle Royale.

Shout out to ScrubaDubDad (our fearless leader) who chose family first! We also saw Damo replaced by Kieran and a few other late additions to the tournament added by a random drawing in discord to get the field to 16. Our final 16:

The final 16 competitors in Illuvium's 2nd Battle Royale.

Round of 16

With a new deck everyone would be on an even playing field. No prior practice was possible for this tournament. The first round went quickly and saw AlexJJ take the top spot getting to Wave 23. Our lowest score belonged to Excelsis who was out after just 4 waves. Kieran barely snuck through with an 8th place finish.

Elite 8

Our remaining 8 included the following:

  1. AlexJJ: 23 Waves
  2. Frobei: 21 Waves (109 Illuvials)
  3. Caveman: 21 Waves (108 Illuvials)
  4. Zeptyle: 20 Waves
  5. SJUD: 18 Waves
  6. ItsMartini: 17 Waves (72 Illuvials)
  7. Scoriox: 17 Waves (68 Illuvials)
  8. Kieran: 16 Waves

The second round was close with Zeptyle taking the top spot in wave 20 by 1 Illuvial over Frobei! They would be joined by AlexJJ and SJUD in the Final Four. Kieran would be knocked out in Round 2 after 12 waves.

Final Four

The Final Four saw a dominant 30 round performance from SJUD. They used a rogue stack tactic that worked to perfection. Here we have a similar set up from ScrubaDubDad to get an idea of positioning:

A screenshot of the Illuvium autobattler prior to the start of the wave.

We also saw Frobei move on with a respectable run to wave 21. Narrowly defeating AlexJJ by 3 Illuvials. Our final was set!

Championship Round

Prior to the final round we saw a gentleman’s agreement between the two finalists. It was decided that the $5000 prize would be split. $3000 to first place and $2000 to second. Frobei must have been taking some mental notes from SJUDs last round because he made the switch to a rogue strategy. Meanwhile, SJUD could not follow up his previous round and would be knocked out in only 15 waves. Frobei went on to put up a masterclass performance of Survival Mode. He completed all 30 waves in the final to take the top spot! Congrats to both Frobei and SJUD for their dominant performances! Here are the total results as kept track by Vetemor:

The final results from Illuvium's second autobattler tournament.

It was a great day of action and with an increased prize pool the competition was fierce. I had a blast once again documenting the action for Infoluvial and I will see you all on the next one!

Thank You

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