A Historic Day for Illuvium is About to Begin

The day is here! The Launch Day for Illuvium Beyond is upon us. With just a few hours to go until the fun begins I wanted to reflect on the journey that has been Illuvium. 

This project was started by three brothers Aaron, Grant and Kieran Warwick. The three have done things differently from the beginning. The brothers refused to hastily rush out a PFP project in the height of the 2021–2022 bull market. They chose patience over profit. They believed in building before buying. A novel concept that many NFT projects can learn from. 

Fast forward to today and Illuvium now has 3 high quality games in beta mode. At this stage, thousands of people have had the chance to played all three. Between Illuvium Zero, Illuvium Overworld and the Autobattler it is hard to pick a favorite. Yet we are not here to talk about these accomplishments in gaming. Today is about Illuvitars. 

The Illuvitar Holo Archie from Illuvium.

Illuvitars will be the in game profile picture for Illuvium’s suite of games. I can’t emphasize this enough, Illuvium could have easily launched this product during the height of the bull market with wild success. They chose, in my opinion, to do things the right way. Instead of leaving investors waiting for years for a product, they went to work. Since the Fall of 2020 they have been building. 

Giving Their All

Each brother has had physical ailments tied directly to large workloads. These guys lead from the front and do not shy away from the spotlight. A perfect example is Kieran’s drive to maximize the marketing output of Illuvium. He has done hundreds of interviews and even lost his voice from the frequency of his appearances. Illuvium does not pay for shills like so many other projects. Their product does the talking and when combined with an insanely hard work ethic the results will follow. 

The Illuvitar Holo Atlas from Illuvium.

Illuvium is about to take NFTs to the next level. Traditional gamers are skeptical of blockchain gaming and for good reason. If crypto has taught us anything it is that bad actors and rug pulls are commonplace. The average investor does not want to deal with the possibility of losing it all over night. This is why Illuvium is so important. After years of following the team and close to 300 pieces of original Illuvium content on this website, I can confidently say that Illuvium is to be trusted. They will continue to prove that over and over. Actions speak louder than words and every day is an opportunity for them to build that trust and build that community. Illuvitars will be the culmination of this hard work and trust building. Transparency is everything. 

Illuvitars with an Illuvitar d1sk in the middle.

So as we embark on this next phase for Illuvium. Take a minute to think about your individual journeys in Web 3. The good, the bad and the down right fraudulent. I personally was searching for a project like Illuvium for over a year before I found it. Once I came across this incredible project, every other PFP just became noise. Illuvium is different and in this Wild West of crypto we need different. We need a true professional in the space. Today Illuvium will show what they are capable of and millions will learn the power they can wield. Illuvitars will set a new standard in Web 3. This is a truly historic day, enjoy it!

Launch Party

Promotional item for Illuvium Beyond.
Illuvium: Beyond Launches March 7th at 10pm UTC

The Launch Party will begin at 10pm UTC. I will be joining the steam at 1:30am UTC to open some D1sks. I can’t wait to begin this next chapter with all of you! We’ve come a long, long way together.

Launch Party

Thank You

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Everything I write is purely my opinion and should not be taken as financial advice.

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