100 Best Illuvium Leaks of 2022: 71–80

Our countdown continues! Our next ten Illuvium leaks come on the heels of a major announcement from the Illuvium team. The Overworld Beta launches on December 12th. Let the livestreams begin! I couldn’t be more excited for this major accomplishment. The team has done it! Congratulations to all involved and without further ado the leaks!

Leak 80: Spooky Rai

Halloween themed Rai the red panda.

In October Illuvium put on their Halloween contest featuring a Rai the red panda Illuvial NFT. This spooky version created by Rogier took the contest to the next level!

Leak 79: Comfy Atlas

Concept art of Atlas being comfy.

Incredible. Comfy Atlas is the best. The concept art this team puts out is some of my favorite leaks. This type of artwork makes me excited for an Illuvium cartoon series. 

Leak 78: Abyssal Waterfalls

A waterfall in Abyssal Basin.

Abyssal Basin is going to be so interesting to traverse. This region is heavily forested with beautiful lush greenery around every turn. Waterfalls like this one only add to that experience. 

Leak 77: Halcyon Exploration

The Pango area of Halcyon Sea.

Halcyon Sea is going to have so much coral. This allows the team to get super creative with the build out as coral comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. Expect the unexpected in Halcyon Sea. 

Leak 76: Squizz Plushie

A Squizz plushie.

I subscribe to the cult of Squizz and would definitely get a Squizz plushie. However, I think the eyes are a little too bloodshot here. Plushies should be more cute and cuddly. Fix the eyes and this would move up the list. 

Leak 75: Illuvitar D1sk

An Illuvitar D1sk.

Here we have the top tier Illuvitar D1sk. When this is was released I got super hyped for Illuvitars. The wait continues, but hopefully soon!

Leak 74: Sanctum Tourism

Fun concept art for Sanctum Mesa.

For all your vacation needs come visit Sanctum Mesa! This oasis of beach front living is a perfect escape from the day to day grind of Illuvial hunting!

Leak 73: Snaily Wall

Some wall art from the Seeforus line.

One of the cool features of Crimson Waste is the wall art. I wonder what happens when you shoot them all?

Leak 72: IZ Upgrades

The Abyssal Basin region of Illuvium Zero.

This was one of the first leaks regarding the new and improved Illuvium Zero. As we end the year we are closer than ever to getting our hands on this beautiful city builder. The wait will have been worth it. 

Leak 71: Komodo Dragon

The komodo dragon Illuvial line.

What a cool Illuvial. Inspired by Snoop Dogg, this guy gets high on his own supply. I can’t wait to mix it up in the arena with this Illuvial. 

Stay Tuned

The next ten leaks will be coming soon. Almost half way there as we head towards 2023. So much has been accomplished with Illuvium, but 2023 is shaping up to be a banner year for the gaming studio. It’s going to be a fun ride!

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