100 Best Illuvium Leaks of 2022: 61–70

I’ve been having fun in the Overworld, but the Illuvium Leaks countdown continues! It’s time for the next ten leaks as we end 2022 with a bang. Let’s jump right in!

Leak 70: Brightland Steppes

Birds eye view of Brightland Steppes.

This one came out just the other day and it cannot be ignored. The birds eye view of Brightland Steppes is breathtaking. This region of cliffside and waterfalls will undoubtedly be tough to traverse. 

Leak 69: Sleeping Giants

The graveyard of Crimson Waste.

I just can’t wait for the lore. I need to know how these beasts lived and died. This picture captures the essence of Illuvium in a unique way. There is so much that we don’t know. 

Leak 68: Angry Ophisto

The Illuvial Ophisto.

Ophisto is going to be a monster in this game. We haven’t had the luxury of using this Illuvial line yet, but there may not be more hype than the cult of Squizz. 

Leak 67: Shardbluff Battleboard

The battleboard from Shardbluff Labyrinth.

This was actually my Leak of the Week on the most recent Illuvium Rundown episode. I just love what the team has done with this region. So dark and mysterious. I can’t wait to explore it all. 

Leak 66: Hoodie Sloth

Concept art for the sloth Illuvial.

Imagine designing clothing for a sloth Illuvial? Where do you even begin? Thinking about the merchandise line being tied into Illuvials like this gets me excited. There are some Disney vibes coming from the team here. 

Leak 65: Crystal Concept

The obelisk in Crystal Shores.

Just beautiful. The Crystal Shores region is going to be incredible. Right from the start you are inundated with crystals. Jumping off the obelisk and into this world of purple and pink is going to be a trip. 

Leak 64: Smooth Operator

The Illuvial Alphie.

I believe this was an Illuvitar concept, however, I’m not sure how it would fit in now. All I can say is those shades are sweet and you may find them on another Illuvial later in this countdown. 

Leak 63: Burnt Toast

A rare uncured shard from the game Illuvium.

When I first saw this all I thought was burnt toast. I now know that this is an uncured rare shard. Even the items are truly triple A. 

Leak 62: Froggy Glitch

A placeholder frog from the autobattler portion of Illuvium.

This was one of the funnier situations that popped up in the community. It happened live on one of Vetemor’s autobattler streams. Apparently this frog is a place holder for the team when building. It showed up during gameplay and the rest is history. 

Leak 61: Forest Light

The Abyssal Basin region of Illuvium.

This leak really shows the beauty of Abyssal Basin. With the upgrade to Unreal Engine 5 we can expect a lot of beautiful light instances like the one found here. 

Stay Tuned

As we get closer to the end of the year the countdown will continue! Showcasing the artwork of the team is one way I can say thank you and I’m happy to do it. It’s also fun to look back and see how far we’ve come. To be continued, unless the Overworld takes over my life!

Thank You

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